Home Discussion Forum Why did Descartes think animals did not feel pain?

Why did Descartes think animals did not feel pain?

He knew the animals and humans both had pineal glands, which he thought were vital to have a soul, but he did not think animals had a soul, why?


  1. Descartes wrote that animals do not have a soul in the “strict sense”, since they lack understanding and are unaware of many things.
    Basically Descartes said that animals have three types of consciousness: physical, conscious, and self-conscious. Descartes wrote that animals (dogs) feel “joy” and other emotions in physical conscious. following along?
    This would also mean that animals are unable to feel happiness from doing chores around the house, because the feeling of “completion” is a feeling that is self-conscious.

  2. Huh??? Not feeling pain and not having a soul…those are two entirely different things. Don’t you watch House? Remember that girl who had CEPA? She didn’t feel any pain. Does that mean she didn’t have a soul?
    Your question was bait and switch. I should call the police.


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