Why did Crowley transpose "The Star" and "The Emperor" from the Golden Dawn's original Tarot attributions?

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He published the original Golden Dawn attributions in his book “777”, but they were transposed in his publication of “The Book of Thoth”.

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I had not noticed that. But most people change their associations with certain things, especially those who study the occult for long periods of time.


In the Book of the Law there is a verse spoken from Nuit that is roughly “[Tzaddi] is not The Star.” Tzaddi is the Hebrew letter that corresponded to The Star in the GD tarot. Following this he tried to figure out where the letter was supposed to be. When he published The Book of Thoth [Later in lidfe than when he did 777] he turned the zodiac circle into a double loop, and because Aries is across from Aquarius in that loop put it there. He also played with some words, as like “Tzar,” and followed some root meanings to Sanskrit where they meant “Age,” and “Head.” Thus, the swap.
Basically, the biggest reason is because of the verse in Liber Al.
To fix 777, lines 15 and 28 should be exchanged in all columns relating to the zodiac, or tarot, specifically VI- VIII, XI, XIV- XX, XXII- XLVII, XLIX, CXXXVII- CLXXIV, CLXXVII- CLXXXVI, and CLXXXVI.


He wrote The Book of Thoth to accompany his Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot, correcting what he perceived to be errors in the GD system. He was trying to make sense of the patterns in the cards in terms of numerology, astrology, etc.
You can download the whole book in pdf format from tarotpedia.com, which explains everything (but is not easy to read).
There has also been a book written by Lon Milo DuQuette on the subject (Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot).


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