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Why did Christians hijack Pagan holidays? And try to make them their own?

Did they think it would be easier to convert Pagans that way?
Or was it a superiority thing? To overshadow Pagan holidays with their own?


  1. Yes, it was done in order to assimilate pagan cultures, by providing them with Christian alternatives to their traditional holy days.

  2. Well it was easier to convert pagans. That’s why they did it.
    More members of a cult, means the cult gets more money from them.
    And that, after all, is the very basis of every religion.

  3. i think it was so that the conversion would be easier, the holidays would be at the same time. That’s what happened with Christmas.
    So yeah, it was just to convert the Pagans more easily.

  4. They try to hijack morals from society and claim themas their own as well. Too bad those morals are from 2000 years ago.

  5. it has to do with conquering pagan lands, once defeated they will change or integrate Christianity into their belief systems.
    It made ruling easier.

  6. The Romans played a certain part in the formation of the christian church.. The devil used the interjection of pagan ideas to contaminate the church. The whole idea of christianity being a religion is tainted. Jesus is a JEw and did not come to start anew religion. The “holy men” who like to proclaimthemselves leaders started the christian religion. Christians are the ‘stranger ‘ that Isreal was commanded to allow to join them in the worship of ‘their’ God

  7. How do you get people to stop celebrating their favorite pagan holidays…..by giving them something else to do on that day
    I do believe this applies only to Halloween and Christmas
    Easter is tied to an event on the Jewish Calendar (Passover)

  8. The Christians wanted to Convert Pagans to Christianity so they took Pagan holidays and put them into Christianity so they Pagans would accept this faith. This was right because God doesn’t change for anyone he expects everyone to change for him. God is the one who tells us how we should do things and what we should believe.
    My relgion goes back to the early times of christianity even, before Jesus died. I am one of Jehovah’s witnesses. We look back to what early christians believed, before the wolves, as it were, got into the Christian faith. Matthew 7:15.

  9. Seeing as atheists think they know all about the Council of Nicea, perhaps it is about time they did some research to find out what really was discussed there.

  10. It was actually a political move on the part of Constantine to consolidate his empire. He convened the council of Nicea where it was “decided” what the rules of Christianity would be, regardless of what Jesus and his followers taught.
    But, the apostasy was foretold. Is this how Jesus made converts? By adopting their bad behavior so he could chummy up with them? Fireball, you know better.
    Pagan symbols adopted by “Christianity”

  11. It was for superiority, money, and power. by incorporating pagan holidays into their worship, they then became a part of “Babylon the Great” they fornicate with the buyers, and governments, and the military, In the symbolism of Revelation, Babylon the Great is referred to as a “great city” a “kingdom that rules other kings Revelation 17:18 Like a city, it would have many organizations within it; and like a kingdom that includes other kings in its domain, it would be international in scope. It is described as having relations with political rulers and contributing much to the wealth of men in commerce, while itself being a third element that ” has become a dwelling place of demons” and a persecutor of “prophets and of holy ones Revelation 18:2, 9-17,24

  12. What Christians are you talking about here?
    Because the likes of Halloween aka Oíche Shamhna which was originally celebrated by the Gaels of Ireland, Scotland & The Isle Of Man was still celebrated by them after they converted to Christianity
    As for Christmas I don’t see how the likes of the English hijacked it since their ancestors the Anglo-Saxons, Viking Danes, & Normans celebrated Jól since the beginning.
    Romans used to celebrate Brumalia on the same date as Christmas on December 25th so they didn’t hijack it either.
    A lot of “pagan” holidays were Christianized by pagan converts themselves to not only accept the new faith but retain their old traditions aswell.

  13. No one “hijacked” anything. Most Pagans that were converted to Christianity did so of their own free will. It took time too. The Church really did not have much in the way of holidays then. Obviously, the Christians were looking for converts, but it was, for the most part, not forced. That would have been bad for business. So gradually, as the Church took on new Pagan converts, their holidays were incorporated into the new religion. (I’d also like to add that most of the converts were probably very happy with their new faith. It represented something new in times that were not so good for them.) It was most like a slow process, just like evolution. Seems to me like it was a good idea of the Church’s; I mean, who wants to switch religions if you can’t have a party once in a while!

  14. I don’t know go back to when they did it and ask them, i mean, it’s not like any of us actually know.
    and to “satans daughter” i know for a FACT that i would NEVER be jealous of someone who worships false gods, or satan. so yeah, this is a dumb question. let me ask you something
    “Why did Vincent Van Gogh not just quit painting?”
    Well, i don’t know, and neither are you,
    it’s not like we’re mind readers of the past.


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