Why did Buddha meditate under a holy fig tree for 7 weeks?






In my notes, it say’s that Buddha meditated under a holy fig tree for seven week’s and then became Buddha . Why seven weeks? And why the fig tree? Simple as you can please .


  1. Look at the size of the belly, and go from there.
    Besides, he had a good food source and did not have to move except to pee or poop.

  2. The ficus tree under which Buddha meditated was quite a bit different from the fig trees that we see in the West. It was a very large tree and provided a great deal of shade for someone who meditated for hours each day.
    You can see a photograph of the direct descendent of this tree, in the same place, at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodhi_tree
    Different Buddhist texts give different amounts of time for the period that Buddha sat under the tree. The 7 week – 49 day – period is the most common, but some texts say that he sat under the tree for 6 days and other texts say that he sat under the tree for 6 years.
    There’s nothing special about the period of time that Buddha meditated under the tree. He simply vowed not to arise from his meditation until he attained enlightenment. That indicates the seriousness of his commitment.
    He attained enlightenment one morning when he saw the “morning star” (Venus) rise over the eastern horizon.

  3. You can read the details about the 7 weeks here:
    (Part One) 18. Seven Weeks After Enlightenment
    Pang has answered why the fig tree (it is also known as the Bodhi Tree in Buddhism).
    Note that 6 years (quoted in Pang) was the time spent Before enlightenment, 7 weeks was after enlightenment.
    I don’t have specific answer why 7 weeks — you probably would also wonder why if given any other duration ?)

  4. The Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree ( ficus religiosa , bo, fig..)because it provided shelter.
    The time he spent there was ,according to the sutras, as long as it took to become enlightened. He said he was going to sit there until he reached enlightenment.
    the time he spent varies upon what tradition you go by, but nonetheless, he did stay there until he became enlightened.

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