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Why did Anton LaVey try to ruin magick and the occult with his poser religion?

He stole the enochian keys, stole all the pagan gods for his infernal names, taught hate, turned Baphomet into a symbol of hate, and so much more. Why did he want to ruin the occult?


  1. you sound like a raving nut case. Lavey is the only one who knows real magic. it is the stupid white lighters who ruin it with there evil stupidity.
    unlike stupid paganism which is just another version of christianity, Satanism is NOT part of the Occult. keep silly occultism to yourself

  2. I pity silly wimps like you who have no clue about the reality of the universe and of true magic. no wonder you people fail in life.
    you weird occultists and your silly little circles and pentagrams LOL

  3. I’m under the impression that Mr Anton LaVey never taught evil. Though he looks like a generally menacing individual, he was, as far as I know, quite intelligent and maintained the symbol of Baphomet as a symbol of intellectualism.
    But, as an atheist, I don’t really care much for Satanism (though I understand that most Satanists are also atheists).

  4. most people who can will. Oh yes, and the term Occult was given to stuff not Christian by book stores, later they used the term “New Age”. Both are utterly ridiculous

  5. Man, that sounds like… every religion since the dawn of time.
    So he stole your symbols, big deal. Maybe next time you won’t leave them lying around like that, free for the taking.


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