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Why did Anton LaVey find it necessary to replace angelic names with demons from Christianity?

Anton LaVey included nineteen of the Enochian Keys, both in the original and in English translation, in his The Satanic Bible. He edited them, however, by replacing the angelic names with the names of demons from Christian theology. Occasional other references have appeared in popular media. In this same book, he says that Enochian is considered older than Sanskrit


  1. Satan uses the words of God and twists them to confuse the people. Making it sound as if they are his words.
    I saw book that had the sabbath in it and even raisin cakes.
    Just remember how he deceived Eve in the garden of Eden. This is way.
    “He is the author of lies”.

  2. answer: He didn’t. Anton used the original names. It was very common for Christianity to change the names of pagan deities into both demons and angels. Christianity took the names from Sanskrit – along with things from other pagan sources.
    Ever notice the Saint name of Apollonius to the pagan god Apollo?

  3. I tend to doubt Antons credentials as a historian, the book of Enoch is old though. I’m guessing that the angelic names from Enoch weren’t evil enough for his Satanic work and had to borrow from a greater evil to make the book more sinister.
    Antons religion is like a carnival, it’s about shock, and a freak show. Anton was a failed mystic at the personal level and a wake up call in the group consciousness. His cartoon evil challenges the stupid simplicity of superficial sin according to mainstream religion, that what’s unfamiliar is evil, so he did in fact serve a higher purpose.
    True evil comes in suits, with standard haircuts, demands conformity to social norms, is frequently found in pulpits and corporate boardrooms. Doesn’t burn candles or speak in weird languages, and always agrees with any misconception in public opinion which contributes to hate and segregation.

  4. He used names from ALL different cultures in all of his rituals. Read his book “The Satanic Rituals” . Satanists can use any culture as they are all mythologies and Satanists can use whatever mythology that appeals to them for rituals. Because Satanic Ritual is a very personal thing.


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