Why did all the Pagan peoples of Northern Europe convert to Christianity so readily?

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How could people who had such a belief system ingrained in them for thousands of years, so quickly adopt Christianity?

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The Romans refused to trade with them unless they converted. Nobody in the entire history of Christianity has ever willingly converted to it. Every single Christian has either been tricked or coerced into it.

M to the R Mighty RA

It wasn’t all that quick

Elin Nordegren: Heart-broken :(

They were forced at sword point!


It was either convert or die. That simple.

Citizen of the Cosmos

My understanding is that the pagans just added Jesus to their pantheons until Charlemagne made them them give up the others in said pantheons.

1Oᴄᴀᴎᴇ ④①⑤

Are you kidding? Lithuania, Estonia and Finland held out all the way until the 16th century, and their conversions occurred only by force. Most pagans in Northern Europe didn’t “convert” in any meaningful sense of the word.


when u r looking at death by the europeans and the torching of your villages, that might change your mind real quick


I’d guess it was a nomadic/urban thing.

D Aravah - JBC

answer: because of political and physical terrorism. I can relate horrific stories of chieftains that suffered torture until they died because they refused to convert.
the last country on the continent to convert was in 1100 C.E. in Northern Europe. It took centuries after that to convert almost all the common folk.
When your life depends on trade and someone is threatening to withhold supplies and business and you’re responsible for your region of people, you convert.


It had something to do with the sacred groves being burnt, temple virgins raped and holy springs poisoned and defiled by the Christian invaders who then made their religion and culture vanish as much as possible through law and brutality.


Torture, wars, massacre.
The usual ways christianity spread.

The Other Cornerstone

Why did all the Christian peoples of Northern Europe convert from Christianity to Atheism so readily ?


Eric the Red Fled to Greenland because King Harald of Norway tortured people who didn’t convert. His favorite method was ramming a copper tube up someone’s colon, and having snakes crawl into the bowel cavity and eat their way out.


“Ingraining” only goes back a generation or two. The rest is mythology. To “convince” a clan or tribe to convert, you only need to work on their chieftain. You explain that Odin is really the Christian God, that Thor is St. Michael the archangel, that Frigg is the Blessed Virgin. Throw in a few land claims and a voice at court and you’ve got a tribal conversion.


Most didn’t simply accept it immediately. When you expose a polytheist for the first time to monotheistic religion, they tend to view the new god as being… well, just another god. Those who accepted it commonly did so without the understanding that their own religion was not compatible. As time progressed and the monotheistic religion spread in that fashion, all the while with the backing of a powerful government, it became a socially dominant force. Among the people who accepted it in a polytheistic context, that social pressure saw to the elimination of the pre-existing belief structures in favor of the one that made survival in that society easier.


because the christians massacred the pagans. Christians also changed their religious beliefs to match the pagans. For example, the date of christmas and easter are placed within 3 days of pagan holidays. the evergreen christians use so often was originally a pagan belief, and the eggs that are colored on easter was a pagan way of helping the seasons turn. Even catholic mass is modeled after pagan rituals. Christians did this on order to HELP the pagans convert.


Citation on this please? I think that’s a pretty chummy thing to do don’t you? Let us change our faith to match yours? I have trouble believing this.


the same way pagans forced jews to convert. way before christians.


@The Other Cornerstone: Clever answer but not clever enough. Pagans converted because they had no choice. Christians converted because they finally had a choice.


Sadly they had to die or survive thats a bit rude don’t you think?


thats a bit rude don’t you think?


Serperior is Superior


From the begining even Jesus stood against the church well its leaders mainly! True Christians did not do all these horrible things all of you are saying but to each his own I guess! The truth is in the scriptures. Jesus is Love!


They were bribed by the jews; because the jews knew that a new prophet (Muhammed) is about to emerge. Read the Torah and you and you will see how the jews always were against prophets and how they torture them and kill them in other case; therefore, they were against God the Almighty; Always.
They knew that Prophet Muhammed was about to emerge. It is in the Bible. In order for them to fight the new prophet they needed a powerful army/ country and who would be more powerful than the ROMAN EMPIRE


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