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Why cant the catholic church come join the real world?

another day and another completely out of touch with reality comment made from the vatican.
condoms wont solve the AIDS crisis. The solution lies in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer”, he said.
yeah thats all well and good in fantasy religion land but in the real world condoms do a lot more to prevent AIDS than teaching abstiance only or teaching someone to be religious. Really what will it take for this church along with many others living in the dark ages to come to terms with the fact religious methods arent going to solve anything?
oh harley dont get so upset at me. its not my fault your tied up with the chains of ignorance that come with religion. i offered my piece i thought. condoms and sex education is what i would offer
farsight – how do these comments stop me from doing anything? i dont live off the popes word. im just pointing out how short sighted he is trying to teach people in africa to abstain and that god will help them.
biblechooser – of course abstiance is 100% effective. now tell me how effective is teaching people to abstain. not all human beings have the power to repress the sexuality like you obviously have. so teaching abstinance only and pretending people wont have sex is living in a fantasy land. teaching abstinance along with other methods of protection is the only effective tool. though a fundamentalist like yourself is quite clearly too delusional to think with logic


  1. I don’t know. I was just thinking how evil it was for the Pope to preach against condoms in Africa of all places when I read that. If a condom could save a person’s life, just one person, wouldn’t that balance the supposed evil of actively preventing pregnancy (even when pregnancy isn’t possible)?

  2. because they don’t have a clue and they’re leader is a 100 year old man that knew fred flintstone personally and didn’t follow God.

  3. Kind of amazing how condoms are presented as a God themselves. Newsflash: they aren’t 100% effective against pregnancy, and are much less effective against HIV. The pores in condoms are big enough to potentially let viruses through, even when the condom is used 100% correctly. There is such a thing as safeR sex, but not safe. And yet you don’t hear that information shouted from the pc rooftops. far easier to demonize catholics than to address hazardous behaviors.

  4. well the pope does not live in the real world he has never been married or had a close relationship with a woman so he has no idea what he is talking about. what he said may be good in itself but it is not going to help the worlds problems today.
    what about the aids sufferers who go out to spread it.

  5. I don’t listen to anything the catholic church has to say, ever. Any church that condones child molesting just doesn’t get any of my respect. And to the catholics no the molesting wasn’t just a few isolated incidences. It was several child molestation cases. Many were not & never will be reported.

  6. The idea that religion pushes is that sex outside of marriage is wrong. If you would think about it instead of being angry at religion for a second you would see that it would save a lot of people from stress and the deadly diseases that sex can transmit. By getting married and caring enough about the person to get tested before sexual intercourse you are just making a wise decision regardless of whether or not it’s a religious one. Also I’m not sure about Catholics but I know inside marriage, condoms and birth control are ok by Protestant theology because the bible never claims that sex is specifically for multiplication, but it does speak a lot more on it’s enjoyment in the confindes of marriage in Songs of Solomon. Most of the book is on sex.

  7. This “condoms will solve the AIDS crisis” attitude reminds me very distinctly of the “condoms will solve teen pregnancy” attitude. what happened then? teen pregnancy went up, not down. And what’s happening to AIDS? The rate is going up, not down.
    Believe it or not, but we do actually know what we’re talking about and we don’t make these decisions lightly. They are well researched. You just don’t like it because it means not being able to do something they want to do, but that’s just the way life is.

  8. 1) but in the real world condoms do a lot more to prevent AIDS than teaching abstiance only or teaching someone to be religious.
    Actually, *statistically*, your statement has been shown to be false. Don’t take my word for it – go to the UNAIDS web site and read their reports. In a nutshell:
    abstinence, when practiced, is 100% effective
    condoms, when used *every time*, reduce the chance of contracting HIV by 85% *annually*
    condom promotion programs have failed to show any reduction in the contraction of HIV at the population level
    abstinence/faithfulness promotion programs, particularly those promoted through religious institutions, have proven *extremely* effective at the population level – more effective, in fact, than *any* other program
    Sounds to me like *you’re* the one living in fantasy land.
    (I did a senior research paper on this last year)
    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com

  9. …it’s simple ! “they” are bound in “religion” and led by a group of “old men” in an ancient Italian city by a “man” who is perceived as “infallible” ! (may God have mercy on “them”)

  10. yes its a well know fact that the Pope is agaist contraception
    “Really what will it take for this church along with many others living in the dark ages to come to terms with the fact religious methods arent going to solve anything?”
    Nothing, remember when we told them the world was round.
    Took them a few hundred year of torturing and killing everyone who say that before they figured out we were right
    @ mac G
    Condoms might not be a 100% perfect solution but its definietly better than
    “The solution lies in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer”

  11. Has anyone else realized also that condoms prevent not only transferring of the most common carrier fluids, but also the making of babies that have the aids virus, which are then left to those african charities (which cannot be a very good life) to care for them. And I’m sure they don’t have money to pay for all the medications, and can’t give them all the cuddling and love and attention they need. These children grow up as orphans, AND they have the AIDS virus. Does the POPE want to prevent that from happening? What do you think?
    Besides, we in American culture try to teach our youth not to have sex at an early age (12-16), so it has been ingrained into us that it is immoral. But in Africa, they have no history of that- they are not taught that having sex early is wrong, or at least- not as much as we are. You may want to check that out and do some research. But that is what I believe. So you see, it is a lot harder to combat teen sex/ and AIDS/ and children with AIDS virus because there is lack of education about all this. Therefore, it is all rampant over there. I believe that religious values can’t be miraculously adopted by people whose government doesn’t even support the funding of education to get the word out… I mean, if the government doesn’t care about it, then who is going to? Is your teenager all of a sudden going to become religious and say “No sex for me, because the Pope in Italy said so.” I don’t think so. Therefore, for a religious Patriarch to say that it is wrong to combat this with condoms can be likened to saying “Don’t throw out the life preserver to that drowning person, because that might encourage the onlookers to go skinny dipping in that deep river more often, which would be an unconscionable act on our part, as we would be then encouraging them to jump in A little overboard, I admit, but I’m tired and flabberghasted.

  12. Disagreeing with you and the current amoral popular culture of death does not make people “out of touch.”
    All citizens in democratic society have the right and responsiblity to speak out on what they think is important. This includes citizens who are members of churches.
    What do you have against democracy and the freedoms of speech and religion?
    + AIDS +
    The Catholic Church has never asked unmarried people to have unprotected sex. Neither has she asked married couples with diseases to have unprotected sex.
    Judeo-Christian tradition has taught for thousands of years:
    1. Single people should be celibate.
    2. Married people should be faithful to each other (adultery is wrong).
    3. Married couples should welcome God’s gift of children and, therefore, artificial birth control is against the will of God.
    If the world is going to ignore teachings about chastity (1 & 2), then why is the world so upset about teaching artificial birth control (3)?
    People who are already ignoring the more important teachings about chastity (1 and 2) should have no problem ignoring the less important teaching of artificial birth control (3).
    Even if a person infected with AIDS was to use a condom to help protect his or her spouse, condoms are not 100% effective (read the box) and the spouse may be infected and die anyway. A person who truly loves their spouse would not endanger them in this way.
    In regards to sex outside of marriage, the Church makes it a practice not to tell people how to sin. With or without a condom:
    – Fornication is still fornication
    – Adultery is still adultery
    – Rape is still rape
    With love in Christ.


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