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Why can't people just have a astral projection to find the lost city of Atlantis?

There are lots of people out there that can go around the world. Me! I can only get to the foot of my bed when I try a astral projection. Why can’t people just look for the lost city under water when there in that stage?
Don’t say this is not real because every one has had a astral projection and some times not know it.


  1. Atlantis was probably the ancient civilization of crete known as the Minoans….so much is unknown about them yet they predate the Greeks. I don’t know how Astral Projection would be used to find this…perhaps remote viewing is what you’re suggesting?

  2. You can only get to the foot of you bed? I take it someone is protecting you. Astral projection is VERY dangerous and you should know that you put yourself in a vulnerable state. Without the proper protection/knowledge I would not recommend you trying without it. You won’t find it in the bible either. But to your question i am sure that u could use it if you have an idea of where to look.

  3. i’m not sure that i can answer your question, but if you’d like, i can try and “astrally project” some common sense your way?

  4. Ive thought about this much myself
    and to be honest Ive asked a bigger question to people who say they can travel wherever they want.
    I asked them why they dont go around the universe to discover new planets and lifeforms.
    They couldnt answer.
    My thought is that the astral world is not the same as this one.
    Its in a different plane and only looks like this one.
    Maybe its nothing but a very strong illusion in the mind.
    Whatever it is. It cant be real enough because no body I know of has ever been able to prove the theories of science with it yet.
    No body I know of has been able to travel and say: yes I have seen this and described it.
    we do know of remote viewing experiments done by the american military tho, and that should tell you something.

  5. Tricky. You don’t have to go under water to find Atlantis. What you do need is the vibratory key because Atlantis is in another dimension at this time. You won’t find Atlantis in this dimension anywhere.

  6. Atlantis has been found. Its in the Carribbean Sea. I’ve seen video of divers swimming along huge walls made of hewn stone.

  7. Atlantis was the continent in between the Old World and the New…in the Atlantic ocean…get it? Atlantic…Atlantis. Anyways, that continent sunk during an Earth tilt. There was Nu or Lemuria in the Pacific. but astral projecting there…can you go underwater? i never heard of sum1 goin in water. water is a very spiritual thing. besides if u see the ruins, itll probably b the same view as if u were in a submarine. good luck tho!

  8. in Astral Projection you can only go as far as your life core will let you, if you stretch it too thin you could be separated from your body and die. so you would have to know where to look and be close by. not a thing to mess with without an experienced lifeline or anchor close by.


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