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Why cant people just get along?

Don’t get my wrong, im not flower carrying tree hugging love making hippy, i love guns, the military and the police, but honestly, why cant we get along? why do people have to be so petty? im not talking about having peace conferences with terrorists but in america, look how many ppl get beat up in high schools, you look at someone the wrong way and next thing you know there is a fist/knife/bullet in your back, what have we come too? i broke up with this girl after 7 months, i wasnt mean to her or anything i was a loving bf things just wernt working out, now all her friends are willing to come kill me, how can they be so immature? how can America promote peace in the world when we dont have peace on out streets, in our SCHOOLS, in our HOMES?
I know she probly was crushed and her freinds see me as the enemy, but serously, they are willing to kill me? over a 7 month highschool relationship?


  1. Put yourself in other peoples shoes. You saw one thing about yourself, your girlfriend saw another. Everyone is different. And where there is difference there is strife and lack of harmony.

  2. People who generally don’t get along don’t understand each other. Everyone needs to be more understanding and have better communication skills. With those two things there’s no reason why people can’t get along.

  3. The problem is consumerism and individuality . it is ruining everything, and making this world a dog eat dog world. the media, and rap music , movies like Scarface glorify violence and revenge, and kids are being abused. I have been trying to find the answer myself but it is a very complex situation, without an easy solution.
    there is a great website right here you can read which talks about jealousy and why we just cant get along :


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