Home Discussion Forum why cant my car run on telepathy?

why cant my car run on telepathy?

a simple rewiring of the brain could actually save the entire planet…bet you have no answer


  1. If it’s “simple” then why haven’t you already done it? At the least you’ll save on your own gasoline bills. And if you can get it to work in general you’ll be rich and famous. Nobody’s trying to stop you.

  2. Cars can’t run on telepathy for the same reason they can’t run on water, and other things. Most cars, well actually all cars (even hybrids) run on Combustion Engines. To telepathically control your engine in theory would take too much brain power, which in turn would make your reflex time slower, and your occular sensing much slower, so driving would be quite difficult. Also, as stated earlier, the brain has no wires in it, and considering we only understand approx. 20-30% of the total functionality of the human brain, we still don’t even understand the brains whole functionality, and what is is and isn’t capable of. If all people could be telepathic then theoretically they wouldn’t need to drive cars, they would be able to alter time and space and bend it to get to where they want, or communicate with anyone within a certain distance. Telepathy still isn’t understood either, and it still isn’t proven that it really does exist other than in theory.

  3. OK.Now sit in your car and I will try…… Did you talk to Mahatma Gandhi or visited NO63 distant planet? Our galaxy is boring. Rest your brain. Then try again.


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