Home Discussion Forum why cant i use any magick in final fantasy 12?

why cant i use any magick in final fantasy 12?

even when i walk my magick doesnt regen.


  1. Your magic won’t regen if you have an accessory like Manufactured Magicite (I think). Magicite, another example being the Dawn Shard later in the game has the advantage of increasing defence towards magic but also limits your ability to cast it.
    I don’t think status ailments like silence affect it too, but it’s always worth checking if you’re getting unusual effects.

  2. If you have equipped the Goddess’ Magicite from early in the game, the Manufactured Nethicite from the Lhusu Mines, or the Dawn Shard your magic will be 0 and willl not regenerate. You never really have to equip any of these as accessories–with the exception of the Dawn Shard. Just make sure that as soon as you have done what you have to do with the Dawn Shard-unequip it as soon as possible and change to a more useful accessory.
    Sure, these nethicites increase your magic power, but I never found any use to equip them–to easy to forget to replace it.

  3. check out your license maybe you don’t have license for it.
    or check your equipment don’t equip manufactured nethicite or dawn shard it makes your mp 0.


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