Home Discussion Forum why can't i achieve astral projection?

why can't i achieve astral projection?

every time i try to astral project i can just move a little when i pretend dreams and i can only do it by accident. i can get to the vibration stage using binaural beats but when i do and i think of things i start moving. what should i think of to get out of my body?


  1. Buy a video about it. Of make a self-recording instructing you to do this if you feel safer with that. Repeat the instructions, counting down from 10 to 1, to relax, hit the MEGA wave state, and Leave My Body! Over and over till the tape ends. Then lay down and listen to it.

  2. Its not that easy, Iv only done it a few times..which were spontaneous.
    Perhaps relaxing and not trying so hard might help.
    I have never found any good reason to do it, more than once anyway. Slamming back into your body is a bctih.

  3. Why do you want to do that?
    It is pure when it happens unintentionally.
    When done intentionally, it is corrupted by the mind.
    You should know where you stand lest you are vulnerable and will be feasted upon.
    There are two spirits. That of God and that of the devil.
    The devil is out to devour.
    Seek God

  4. Ignore the people saying that it’s not real…..how do they know if they have never actually tried it? Dude, I have done it quite a bit XD
    Like, at first i could only do it accidentally, but i kept trying to learn on how to do it by more own will….and now, I actually know how to do it 🙂 and can do it when i want around 50% of them time, but that’s only when I want to. Sometimes i just don’t want to…..and sometimes I don’t want to and I still end up doing it XD.
    What I do, is, I have to be completely relaxed, kinda like how you were getting relaxed, but I actually try and let myself fall asleep, and (this takes practice) but i catch myself right before i fall asleep.
    Then the vibrations start and all that fun hoo ha (actually no its not that fun). But, just don’t move. From what i believe, and makes sense to me, moving will actually trigger your brain to realize you are still awake, and it will pull you right back in. I don’t know why we have to be motionless for it to really work, but i think it is kind of a safety precaution. Like we wouldn’t want to be able to project at any time and then our bodies fall to the ground and are motionless or end up in a wrong position >.> You will though, start feel yourself moving and you will have thought that you didn’t move, or didn’t try to. That is your astral body actually moving and getting ready to leave.
    If you want more info about this feel free to contact me 🙂


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