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Why cant all people see auras?


  1. They are too busy in their own poopy. Calm, observant, rested and sober always help. The fewer the distractions the easier it is to see. This works for both the viewer and the viewed.
    The most amazing was when I saw a friend sit on a couch next to a man neither of us knew. They joined as one with sparks and shooting flame. I have never before or since seen anything like it.
    This couple has been together for twenty years and are still amazed I knew before they did how powerful the match would be. They couldn’t help themselves out of it even if they wanted.

  2. you could have placed your question like this “Why can not all people possess aura? my Answer. every living being has inherent psychic power. under normal conditions it is engulfed by ignorance. When you try to unfold it (under certain specific yogic practise or Mantra sadhana that power slowly and gradually unwind from heart. But where and which part of the body is first subjected to get through, depends upon the point of concentrated are. That is nose, between eye brows, heart etc. If he continues his practise to quite a long time, then his whole system glow with aura. it is a sign of his ascending in yoga. Alot can be written on it. Gayathri is a famous manthra to bestow such an aura. ok?

  3. Hello
    What do you mean by see? if you mean see with the naked eye then most can’t, not even developed psychics.
    The aura is witnessed via our psychic abilities, it can be seen, felt, smelt, imagined, tasted – a lot more people are aware of auras than they think!

  4. Actually, anyone with normal eyesight CAN.
    A lot of peole who THINK they can’t may even already BE doing so without knowing it.
    It is simply that most people don’t know where to look and what to look for.
    Auras are best seen with one’s PERIPHERAL vision. They tend to disappear if we try to look directly at them.
    Have someone stand or sit against a solid-color (light color is best to start with) background in moderate to slightly dim light. Then look directly at the center of his/her forehead. In your peripheral vision you should begin to see a glow around their head and shoulders. If you shift your focus and try to look directly at it, you are likely to lose it till you focus away from it again.
    The more you practice this, the easier it will get.
    To “apsjn” who said “Why can not all people possess aura?” No only DO all PEOPLE posess auras, but all THINGS have auras, as well. The aura is the visible manifestation of the energy field that holds the atoms and molecules of physical matter together, and – like it or not – our physical bodies ARE “physical matter”.
    The difference between the aura of a coin or a coffee mug and a living thing is that the aura of an inanimate object is a dim yellowish white and has no other color or movement in it, whereas the aura of a living thing is significantly brighter and contains color and motion. Follow the instructions I outlined earlier and you can check it out for yourself.
    It is as if the inanimate object were a light fixture with just one dim bulb, while the living thing is like a light fixture with two bulbs – one dull and dim, but the other brightly flickering and full of different colors.
    The dim bulb is the electrical field of the physical object or body and the bright, animated one is the energy field of the living spirit inside that body.
    Despite my lifelong interest in psychic research, no one is LESS psychic than I am, personally. So if I could learn to do this, almost ANYONE can.
    All the average person needs in order to see auras is:
    1. Normally functioning eyesight, and
    2. Someone to tell them where to look and what to look for.
    Anyone who is capable of reading this has the first and, now, anyone who DID read this has the second.


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