Home Discussion Forum why cannot the rotation of the earth create useable energy for mankind?

why cannot the rotation of the earth create useable energy for mankind?


  1. if we use earth’s energy,it will start retarding,as energy can neither be created,nor be deatroyed.
    if it deosent decelerate,then it means earth is creating energy and it is not possible coz of the above said law.

  2. good question, we are doing just that – wind, waves, ocean currents.
    but just say, since the earth has a magnetic field, and we know a rotating magnet creates electricity in a wrapped wire – so we imagine this wire. if we would do this, energy is not free – it would start slowing down the earth!!! probably not beneficial.

  3. We are doing it already. Jet stream is a major example. So is Wind energy. Not to mention solar and tidal energy are closely related. Most energy are from the Sun anyway….
    So Dr. R, how does the Jet stream forms if the earth don’t spin? If there is no attraction of the moon and just the spinning of the earth, tides won’t be there either. Wind energy is from the Sun as most form of energy on planet earth. The spinning of the earth helps different part of the planet gets solar energy, thus creating wind across the globe.
    Don’t be so arrogant.

  4. BS alert*
    It can and is used. It is the source of energy which drives the tides. Tidal power plants have been built. As earth loses rotational energy to tidal friction, the day gets longer.
    Wind power comes from solar heating of the atmosphere, however.
    Re Not_True followup, I’m sure DT meant by “create” how can the earth’s rotational energy be converted to “useable energy for mankind”. It is true that there would be little wind if the earth did not rotate (more than once a year, at least). Rotation mediates the conversion of solar energy to wind energy by causing the energy to be move from place to place so as to create pressure differences, but it is not the energy source itself. It would not be very meaningful, for example, to say that a coal conveyor, which performs an analogous function at a power plant, “creates” the electricity generated. It is also true that there would be no tides (lunar ones at least) if the moon where not present. But, again, the moon only mediates the conversion of earth’s rotational energy. Its orbital energy is not the energy source. The moon’s attraction is “a chain or a belt big enough to harness it” that pinhed assumed was missing. On the contrary; it is an energy *sink* for earth’s rotational energy. Only half the rotational energy goes into tides and (ultimately) heat. The other half goes into *increasing* the moon’s orbital energy by moving it further from earth. That’s the moon’s “fee” for the tidal energy released. As for my arrogance, my boss and wife don’t tolerate it, so this is the only chance I get 🙂
    * A BS alert is given when the majority of other respondents are giving answers which are wrong or, worse yet, not even wrong.

  5. The tides really do have a minor braking effect on earth’s rotation. See the NASA reference if you don’t believe me. So in a sense, if you harness tides for energy, you are harnessing earth’s rotation. It’s hard to do more than that without access to a mass that moves with earth but doesn’t rotate with it. Also note that even fossil fuels are much more renewable than earth’s rotation.


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