Why can i see auras spirits shadow people and be haunted my demonic spirits?

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does it have to do with my ancestors? my great great and and great gma practiced stuff like magick i guess. just need help.

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Can you go into more concrete detail? There could be multiple answers. Scientifically your just dillusional or your mind is completely tricking you. If going back to ancestry roots it could be something like that. What was your family’s heritage?


Sounds like a gift. God is the Supreme spirit, and you were made in His image. Why would you not be able to see. Most people are able to see, you seem to have more activity for some reason. Could be ancestral. Now to control them. Through belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, God, raised from the dead. Your status returns to prefall from the Garden of Eden, actually it even goes higher. You become sons-daugters of God, gods and goddesses and in control and authority of these beings. You become the master thru the name of Jesus. So you control these beings. Can be part of your assignment. Good for you if they don’t freak you out. Then you can see others who need help and saving and the Word of God. By truth I tell you using the name of Jesus as a believer will chase any and all entities, you want to leave. Okay if you can see, hopefully they are not attacking you. Really sounds like a gift.


I think you need to read the bible more closely. True that when we believe we do have all power and authority over spirits, but the bible also says we are not to feed into this too much, and psychics and such. This is truly Satan taking your eyes off of the Lord and onto something else. Think about it. Satan’s goal in life is to get us to NOT believe in the Lord. He will do anything to do that. He will especially go after the ones he doesn’t have yet, which is people who do believe in the Lord. If there is truly something going on in your house, I would contact your church for help. But definitely, keep your eyes on the Lord only and follow only His direction. Always remember to test everything to see if it is of the Lord. I guarantee this is another of Satan’s ploys to keep you from having a relationship with God. Thanks for listening and hopefully you will take some of this to heart. 🙂


Meth is a hell of a drug…


My question is this:
Why do you think it is your ancestors fault? sometimes people mistake a gift for a curse! the ability to see into the afterlife should not be a bad thing. it should confirm your doubts about what is next for us! I don’t want to sound like a TV show but most “lost souls” have unfinished business here and may need help moving on. but a word of caution not all souls are lost some refuse to go and are here because they have not been judged yet.

keith f

stuff like this usually does skip a generation or sometimes it just goes to a certain gender of a bloodline or 1 person in each generation of the bloodline. A lot of time families will hide things like this from their children till they know for sure that they have the gift.
I for one have the gift of sight. I do not see peoples auras but I do see spirits and demons.
I do not know exactly where my gift came from but I think my bloodline it goes to one person in each generation my grandma has it I have it and one of my nephews have it.
just a little story to go along with what I am telling you here,..
a couple years back one of my cousins woke up with a huge burn on her hand when I went to see her I noticed a demonic spirit(a shadow demon, one that is able to enter through dreams) was at their house. I went home and I summoned the demon to my house for that night. insteed of going to sleep I put myself into a deep state of meditation where I could do battle with it on it’s on plane of exisitance. It came and I fought it for about 6 hours I had finally defeated it. I was in a coma for 2 days after that. when I came to I had a scar on my forhead. come to find out the scar would burn any time a spirit or demon was around. last year I got very angry and tried to commit suicide (very unlike me) I had not killed the demon I had merly wounded it and it had been dwelling in me waiting for a week point so it could kill me. I imediatlly called my cousin (a preist) and started haveing him perform an exercisiom over the phone while I was holding a bible so I could have some controll over my body. later he told me that the demon was speaking through me and telling him that he would not leave that I was his, he said it was the scariest voice he had every heard. since the demon was exercized from me I still can see/since spirits and demons but no more burning scar for me.


Sometimes, they are trying to say something to you. And maybe they want something from you.


probably because you have an overimagination or eye problems… you can get both seen to…
If you insist these to be true, you can have your super powers tested and you may win a million bucks.
Your great grand parents probably believed in personal friends in the sky as well. Believing in demonic spirits will interfere with your personal life… lose it and one day you will be able to converse sensibly

Jamie D

Simple. Your perception, unlike others, appears to have unlocked itself naturally. Your best bet, until you learn how to protect yourself and the like is: Act like you don’t have it. Many spirits don’t like being stared at (or even being seen), and Shades *definitely* don’t like being seen.
Give us a bell if you need any advice, email link on the profile.


Hi, Just wondering if you can help.
The situation is seeing people’s aura’s, their feelings and energy’s. And Seeing spirits/ghosts.
It completely drains me until the feeling of exhaustion and has even caused hospitalization from the heart going to quick and not being able to breath. There is some attraction to me that these spirits/ghosts flock to me. When asking what they want I get no reply but they won’t leave me alone. Any advice would be appreciated as surely there is some way to control this, switch it off when needed and be guarded so as to not be drained of my energy and also person’s with their aura’s and energy’s. I really need some good advice and am asking all the questions to get some balance in my life with this.

Brandy W

stuff like this usually does skip a generation or sometimes it just goes to a certain gender of a bloodline or 1 person in each generation of the bloodline. A lot of time families will hide things like this from their children till they know for sure that they have the gift
And I for one can since energy and manipulate it as well as give and take it but what your going through is completely normal
the other day my boyfriend was in severe pain and what I did was put my hand over his area of pain hand meditated for a while what i was doing was moving the pain from him into me and after i was done he was better but i was the one suffering


It would seem you’re spiritually sensitive. You should check that out, because there are only 3 possible sources, and only 1 is good.
1: Gift from God. If this is the case, rejoice!
2: Demonic. If this is the case, get a freaking excorcism done, and read the entire book of Psalms aloud.
3: Your own mind. The human mind is incredibly powerful, but there are some things it can do that it was not intended to. If this is your own power, the road it can lead you down will take you places humans shouldn’t be going unless they want to see the gates of Hell firsthand.
Good luck.


Some people just can. But there could be all sorts of reasons. If you would like to talk about it sometime, without trolls and skeptics bothering you, feel free to add gwenhwyfar_aine to your Yahoo IM.


look here maybe your eyes stay when your eyes were still on your baby face. children 5 below see auras that’s why they cry they don’t like the color.but some people really can see some really are just practicing to see. some people really keep open their sixth sense and never close it some people as they grow up they forgot how to use it. good thing you didn’t.


ok to get to the source of your demonic power theres 3 things you need to do
1:go into a forest after midnight
2:climb the highest tree
3:stop going on crazy acid binges you shithead

Mommie S

You have a gift embrace it allow it to embrace you you are not crazy
nor are you cursed yes it may have links to your generational blood line
then again it may not be Blessed are the eyes that see the things you see and hear the things you hear for I tell you that Even the prophets desire to see the things that you see and hear the things that you hear
and cannot read Matthew 13th chapter 16th and 17th verse then read the whole chapter continue to seek truth and light,….God Bless
~~~~~WELCOME TO THE FAMILY~~~~~~`p.s web search Indigo,star children,and crystalinks you will find more information


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