Why can I only see my aura at night?





I can only see my green/turquoise/light cian aura at night, or a purple one during the day. Why? I mean, shouldn’t I be able to see it during the day too? It’s very clear, like a trail, at night, especially when I have very deep emotions, it changes.
Why can’t I see it during the day, and how do I practise it so I can make it more clear, and extend other people’s auras (I only see about a centimeter of theirs)?


  1. The way taught myself to see my aura, I held my hand about 12-16 inches from my face, and focused on not looking at my hand but looking past it. After you train your eyes to look for what you want it to pick up, it will be easier to pick up auras in any light. As for you see your auras as different colors during the different parts of day depending on lighting, im not sure thats how it works.
    I have a green aura and my fiance has a blue aura, and there is almost never any change unless I am focusing on a psychic reading or engages in a ritualistic activity, then it is blue, or purple-white. Something else to consider is I can see very vivid colors in auras, but i am colorblind. Auras are literally the only color i ever have seen. My color scheme is a bit off, but i know what i see and dont see. I have worked through figuring out what is in all of an aura (all 7 layers) to the point that i can look and tell what kind of health problems, social issues (mostly troubled friends), drug use, depression, and such by looking at a person.
    With time, it is a very worth while skill to avoid many situations that people dont need to be in. If need be, contact me, and ill see if i cant help you individually.

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