Why Buddha let Tibetan monks be persecuted like this?





I don’t understand the Tibetans recite all kinds of sacred Sutras like Sutra of Golden Light and Sanghata Sutra which are supposed to be so powerful and have Buddhas strike down enemies, so why they so many Tibetan monks being imprisoned and killed and pushed from their land???
How are the rest of us suppsoed to have faith in the Sutras after seeing this?
I can’t imagine the Tibetan monks have lost their way and aren’t chanting, I think the y sincerely chant a lot.


  1. stop blaming the Buddha.
    If you look at Buddhism in the world, where the proper dharma exists, the proper dharma prevails. Over history, Tibetan Llama practice has not quite been in line with Buddhism. They don’t follow the precepts. Tibetan monks can eat meat, have sexual relations, go out into public and protest and litigate, etc. That’s not the monastic life and that’s just breaking precepts.
    Even the reincarnation fundamentals are off from the Buddha’s teaching. The proper dharma doesn’t exist there, obviously.
    Being a buddhist, we evaluate such situations on the standards of the Buddha’s instructions and buddhist practice, not the biased views of non-buddhists that decide on media hype and personal habits.
    The world sympathizes with Tibetan Buddhists because of media hype and their political history with the Brits and Chinese. They love the Dalai Llama and Tibetan Buddhism because it’s been sung to high heavens with media hype. But outsiders love it and favor it because they just do. they don’t apply the Buddha’s standards of monastic practice. They don’t apply any precepts. They don’t apply anything! Lay people and outsiders eat meat and have sex. So when they see Tibetan buddhist monks do that, they don’t see anything wrong.
    But as a Buddhist, I see so many practices corrupted in Tibetan Buddhism and the only good thing in light is the media hypes.
    SOME Tibetan cultivators are still genuine. But all the troubles really occur with those precept-breaking Llamas.
    Buddhism in China has deteriorated all the same. They already have their nature of retribution by communistic control and commercial poisons.
    The Dharma Protectors won’t protect the improper Dharma. It’s a greater offense when monastics do not uphold proper conduct and the precepts. Even if they were protected, their offenses as monastics against the precepts would bring them to their inescapable retribution.
    Even the Dalai Llama eats meat. He has all the money with his limousine-riding, and he still eats meat. Kinda obvious there that he’s developed a precept-breaking habit. I grant the Llama some credit on his compassionate teachings of kindness, and some things on basic meditation. But he doesn’t practice all the precepts. Back then, in historical times, llamas ate meat cuz that’s all they could eat. the Dalai Llama is in no danger of starvation, yet he eats meat. I won’t follow one that breaks the precepts. That’s when it’s clear black and white.
    I am not tied up or a fool to media hype. I apply the Buddha’s standards and life as an example to find a genuine teacher, not apply my own faults to comfort the faults of “teachers”.

  2. Modern Buddhism (or Buddhism as you seem to know it) is far to wrapped up in the same kind of nonsense ideas that it reveals supernatural powers which can effect changes upon ones life — it’s the same kind of nonsense that plagues Westerners who claim the powers of God and Jesus and whatnot as if they were true and real.
    Buddha would probably remind people like you that questioning everything is the way to find the truth in such matters and perhaps you ought to question the validity of the claims made for any “special powers” of the sacred Sutras.

  3. I think you personify Buddha as God? Well…you’re way off the right understanding of what the teaching is.
    Reciting sutras is for inner peace. And, if those “Tibetan monks being imprisoned and killed and pushed from their land” as you said, which one is on the wrong side? The invader (chinese government) or the Buddha?
    Hey, you need to learn not to put blame on someone who has not got anything to do with wars or imprisonment or invasion.
    Doing so just shows you have very limited understanding of what any religion is about. So, next time, you don’t make it sound like you know many things but in fact you haven’t.
    I’m atheist by the way.

  4. The Buddha was a man who spent a lot of time while he was alive preventing his followers from worshipping him as a god. Needless to say, that went out the window as soon as he died and Buddhists became just as superstitious as any other believers in magic.
    You view of religion is amusing, I must say, as if it’s a celestial schoolyard where the different gods are always trying to outdo each other and beat each other up. That view is no more ridiculous than any other religious view, though, since it is all sheer fantasy with *zero* basis in fact!
    As for the “poor Tibetan monks,” before the Chinese arrived Tibet was a theocratic dictatorship, with the 4% of monks lording it over the other 96% of the population who were essentially slaves. It’s debatable whether life has improved under Chinese rule, however it’s also debatable whether the people would want to return to the old days. The *monks* want their priveleges back, of course.
    PS: Why does the word “Sutra” remind of the next model of compact car soon to come from Japan? Lots of Buddhists in Japan, hmmm…

  5. they are not chanting or praying or meditating for buddhas to do their fighting for them. they chant, pray, meditate to find inner peace. buddha does not fight battles. buddha’s (they believe) help them fight their own battles by giving them wisdom, guidance, and inner peace. unlike some christians who will say to wait and pray to god for him to settle your disputes for them.

  6. Buddha is not a diety, and has died hundreds of years ago. He can’t strike down anyone, and as he said, the universe was forged by sub-conscious forces. They can do the really major things, but don’t do smiting.

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