Why Atheists in R&S? It doesn't make logical sense….?

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Atheists don’t believe in a spirit. According to them they are only physical matter so why do they seem to have the strongest spiritual ego that needs feeding by debating? How can something that’s only matter care about opposing views? How could you ask that others respect something that insists it is only matter?
I’m a Zen Christian and don’t hate Atheists at all and I do respect them as a fellow human, but looking for interesting answers. Thanks!
Very sad answers when you mention intellect in the same breath. Again, how can something that is only matter have these huge egos spewing into here?
….and i know! This forum is open to everyone and glad to see you here. Please please please please answer the question with the intellect you declare! Thanks!
Adding search words with hopes of interesting answers. Buddhist, Buddha, agnostic, soul
Thanks Frou Frou

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Fishy Thoughts

Because religion affects my life in a negative manner whether I like it or not. I have every right to visit an open forum and refute the insanity.


No, religion doesn’t make logical sense.

Noki N

I like debating. Thats why I’m here. To debate god’s existence. You can’t debate god’s existence without both sides of the argument.


The last time we left you guys go totally unchallenged we got the Dark Ages. We’d just like to avoid a repeat.

Viva Liberty! [Liberty 4 prez!]

It’s not illogical for anyone to be here. This forum is for asking and answering questions about spirituality and religion and doesn’t concern personal beliefs at all. I’m a spiritual minded atheist and believe lots of things, as many others are.

would u like to buy a fridge??

I’m just here for the freebies…
Lol@ Gazoo…you’re gold mate 🙂

Jesus is the way

It dont matter why, just leave them alone, okay you dont gotta be judging them, thats not our job okay man?

Ramon Casha

Why are there humans in the pets section?


I’m not a cat, but I could answer questions in Cats. Belief and knowledge are separate things. Thanks for the evidence.

steve b MC, Nobama, OK?

Well, where else can any atheist go and profess their higher intellect?
Like the *drink* answer, now there is higher intellect if ever I saw it.

Terry W

I’m a Zen Atheist. I do not believe in a spirit – however – I do believe in the human spirit.
We are not just physical matter and I know of few atheists who believe that – we have ‘mind’ and ‘behaviour’ mind is the procession of information, we are not like a computer because we have ‘operandnce’ which is the affecting of ourselves upon our environment and the effecting of us by our environment. This is not a supernatural (Spiritual) process but a human (spiritual) process.
What I am rejecting is a non-material material object that has no extension but it extends. Some call this nonexistent, object/non object, god; others call it Spirit; others yet ghosts or the like.
I find very little discussion about spirituality only religion and religion and spiritually are almost opposites. So why do I bother coming to R&S. It is to defend myself and our children from the absurd and dangous Creationists. I so hold with the staitment:
“It only takes good men to do nothing for evil to prevail”



Invisible Talker

You see, debating religion is kind of a hobby for me..


Everyone has a right to an opinion.
Any two members of a faith can debate the nature or intention of God with each other, but we require an atheist to debate the very existence of God.

Lilith Raven

Hmmmm well christians seem to have bigger deluded egos that have an imaginary friend… where’s the logic in that?..
May I remind you that this is an open forum & unlike the big hereafter gig – where I believe a VIP ticket is required (strictly invite only to the christians), we are actually allowed to debate here & I agree with previous poster, last time we left you lot in charge we got the dark ages….


Your entire rant is bullcrap, dude. First off, many atheists do believe in at least some supernatural phenomena. And even for the ones who don’t (the vast majority) there is every reason to be interested in and discuss religion. Think ‘Moral Majority’, hon. You know, those highly immoral fundies who want to change the U.S. Constitution…


It’s an interesting question.
Some post their reasons for posting as a desire to debate there mere existence of a deity. I don’t buy it.
Would you go into a tennis forum and debate whether or not tennis should be played? It’s really rather silly.
Asking questions about what religion in right or whether one exists is pointless.
Questions regarding Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Wiccan or whatever should be questions asked to gain understanding. Most are simply rants, in which the akser already has their answer.
Take questions regarding evolution as an example. An atheist asks “Why do Christians refute science and believe in a young earth” (or something of the sort).
The question is met with a chorus of answers, belittling such people as slow-witted Luddites.
What, exactly, was accomplished with that question? Did any * real * information come of it?

Acid Zebra of the Evos

Aren’t you pleased with yourself, you self-important sad deluded and overly smug windbag.


You believe you have this right to oppose criticism . Your standards are hypocritical. We all know if we were to debate morality you’d subject the non-believer to an excessive amount of critcism dictated by the bible.you don’t respect us. You said that, simply to contrast the identity you’ve conformed to; ya Zen bastard! Jking about the whole zen thing, cause I respect you…


i’m here for the one person who says thank you for explaining the difference between the scientific use of the term “theory” and the general one
i only answer questions about specific aspects of a religion if it’s something i learned about in religious studies from 6 years of catholic school. and then i don’t give an opinion, just answer the question.
this was the answer someone gave the the question “is atheism a religion?”
“They worship the Sepulchre of Darwin, with the High Priests promulgating the gospels of Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris.”
people have ideas about what atheists think which just aren’t true, if there were no atheists answering these questions people would clearly be getting a biased view
a perfect example is you saying atheists don’t believe in a spirit, that we think we’re only “matter”. not only is it wrong, it’s very insulting. i think i’m human, i exist, i care and i live, i don’t need a god to validate that.
i don’t have belief because i don’t think i can know anything with 100% certainty and i would rather explore and question my world then have “faith” i have the answers just because the other option is ignorance. i don’t think i’m “only matter”, i think i will probably never know what i really am. the only ego here is that revealed by you’re condescending manner.
atheists don’t believe in god… that’s it, everything else if up to the individual person, if you have the respect you claim, give people the respect of not making assumptions and generalisations.

Frou Frou

actaully awake, it makes perfect logical sence
its a question answers site, not a chat room
so anyone can ask and answer qs, on any subject, of any interest and content
its a place to learn, teach, debate, and chat, information is the main ingredient here not agreement of any specific beleif
actually atheists dont believe in GOD not a spirit
plenty atheists believe in plenty other things, spirits/ghosts, soul, afterlife, past lives, guardian angels, psychic abilities and all these come under spirituality, it IS religion and spirituality after all
only matter ,opposing views, respect soemthing insisting its matter?
what are you on about, i dont get this,
we care about things because we are conscious and our brains and biology has an ability to “care” about things, including opposing views
eveyrone here has an ego that needs “feeding” even you, otherwise you wouldnt ask any qs or think your point deserved to be heard


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