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Why aren't young women sexually educated?

I am a 22 year old, male, college student. I have done over 3 years of research on sex and various sexual practices from Kama Sutra to Tantra to Taoist to The Jade Dragon. Everything. I am very aware of my mind body and soul and I’m not afraid to express this to women that I meet. I believe this intimidates most younger girls that I have met.
Today, I meet young girls b/w ages 18-24 that are so confused about sex and their bodies. Some claim they want a larger size penis, but they cant take it during intercourse. Others don’t know where their G-Spot is or how they would like their clitoris stimulated. No role-play, playful toys, or anything that would take sex to a new level. Extremely frustrating (I have a VERY HIGH sex drive).
1 year ago I met an 29 year old school teacher, who just wanted to have fun with me. She knew her body and wasn’t afraid to let me know what she liked, and what I needed to do. To this day, no young girl (that I have dated) has had more knowledge of themselves than this woman. Women, why is this?? I find this highly frustrating.


  1. As they get older they’ll learn, that’s how people usually learn in life. Not everybody is educated in that part of sexual intercourse…. I guess.

  2. People learn as they go. Sounds like you need someone with a little more experience. Might go for women a little older than what you’ve been doing.

  3. Schools teach what sex is, not how to do it or enjoy it. That’s something that comes from self-experimentation (a highly taboo topic for girls) or having more experience – and there’s only one way to get more experience. You should find more older women, as they clearly suit you better.

  4. I think you understand the mechanics of sex (which is fine) rather than understanding its social implications.
    The American view on sexuality is extremely confusing. The rules apply differently to men / boys than they do for women / girls.
    Men are ‘mighty conquerors’ if they put notches on their belts, weirdos if they don’t have sex. Women are often chastised if they express their sexuality. But who are all of these men who are having sex? Who are they having it with (besides in the case of homosexuality)?
    Let’s not forget the religious / moral standards that have been imposed. Whether a person has been religiously indoctrinated or not, there’s always some puritanical principal that has been pounded into the heads of women.
    There’s also the fear of getting pregnant and contracting some sort of STD.
    And notice that a girl’s virginity is always described as being “taken”? Or in lesser extremes “given”? Or in very extreme cases, a women’s sexuality is assaulted by being raped. With men having this much power, a girl / women’s dignity is often on the line. We have to be very careful that our sexuality is expressed to people we can trust.
    Can you see how confusing it is? The labels. The fear. The pressure. The stigma. Can you see how it could produce so much anxiety? Hmmm? And how can a person let go & be in the moment if all these concerns are looming?
    It’s not until a women gets past what everybody else thinks that she can be comfortable in her own skin that she can fully welcome sex. It’s a complex problem and usually doesn’t rectify itself until they get a bit older in age (if at all!).
    All I can suggest to you is to find women who are at this point, and yes, some may be older than you. If not, you might have to summon up patience and compassion and become that person who is trustworthy. You might have to be the gentle leader–not to manipulate, but to have understanding.
    And I also tell you that as a woman, I would hope that sex isn’t the ONLY reason you’re looking for a relationship. To many women, sex is the little umbrella the bar tender puts in their pina colada, not the pina colada itself. Know what I mean?

  5. ???????
    The vast majority of MEN haven’t put in the extensive studying you have.
    Oh, you just don’t care about that, since you’re not interested in having sex with men.
    Anyway, expecting young people with little experience to have deep knowledge is unrealistic.
    A LOT of girls are having sex with clueless boys who care nothing about the girls’ pleasure. You’re in a position to engage in some high quality sex education here. Since you’ve made such a study of sex, why not use what you’ve learned to show some of these young things what they’ve been missing?

  6. I think there’s this idea out there that women should be ignorant about sex, lest they be thought of as sluts…Add to that that a lot of men ARE intimidated by women who know exactly what they want sexually and are knowledgable because then the expectations for their own sexual performance are higher (I know this from experience).
    Just FYI though, it isn’t just women who can be ignorant, uncreative or inhibited about sex, plenty of men are too. Good that you don’t seem to be one of those. 🙂


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