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Why aren't I someone else – why did my consciousness get created in this specific body?

Is there any scientific answer to why I’m me instead of someone else?


  1. Good question…
    This is something i believe science can not explain but only God can explain. Another religious/scientific mystery.

  2. This is confusing. I had an answer in my head, the idea, not the words though, I’ll try to phrase it… I can’t, but religiously, God has everything planned. You’re a part of his big plan. We don’t know what it is, but it’s there. You are you for a good reason. There is only one of you. That may sound cliche or something, but I hope it helped.

  3. You can’t separate your consciousness from your body, as your body includes your brain which in turn includes your consciousness. So your question is meaningless.
    There is nothing mystical here.
    Why is it that some people who can’t understand have to put a religious spin on things?
    It is egotistical of human beings to think that we are super-special. We want to invent mythological ideas and concepts that make things more mystical and exciting. But this is just the ego.

  4. I believe your essence is always the same, you are always you, but you inhabit a specific body and mind which gives you the challenges you require. This will probably only make sense to you if you consider we may be reincarnated, as I do.

  5. your consciousness is a process that is produced by your body. Why YOUR consciousness was CREATED in THIS body is asking the WRONG question. Your consciousness is a phenomenon derived from the body. YOUR consciousness can exist nowhere else.
    If it did then it would be someone else’s consciousness.

  6. That is a good question but I think most scientists would rightfully say it’s because your brain is where these kinds of conscious thought exist. It is for sure your brain inside your head cannot exist in another person or thing at the same time you are alive.

  7. Uh…gee, did your consciousness just suddenly pop into the body it is currently inhabiting? Or has it always been ‘yours’? Along, that is, with the brain that is its source. The reason you are you is that you were born with just one brain/nervous system.
    What I don’t understand is this “get created” business. Consciousness isn’t created, it emerges as the brain develops.
    Though you might ask this of a person suffering from multiple personality disorder and get a very different answer. Though that’s a disordered brain, so…..

  8. The “I” in your question supposes that it can exist without the specific body that it inhabits.
    Thus far none have provided evidence in support of such claims, thus we often conclude that one is the product of the other.

  9. The main problem to formulating an answer to the question is very simple.
    When some of you claim, as you say, that the consciousness ”emerges”, you need to define ”emerge”.
    1.) Was it already part of the body before the brain got developed? If yes, where is it located?
    2.) If it ”comes to existence” when the brain develops neural pathways sufficient to sustain a human’s thought processes, what determines who sees through the eye of that body. Or as the person states, how come that his ”subjective experience” is through *that* body, and not that of another.
    As far as I know science has not answered this question fully yet, only explaining things about when the consciousness is in effect, but not about when it ”emerges” / ”is created” or whatever you want to call it.


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