Why are Zen buddhists trying to force the U.S. to endorse their religion?

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Zen buddhists are out in full force, trying to get evolution banned, stem cell research banned, and to get Zen meditation periods endorsed in public schools. They’ve been fighting to have ‘In Buddha we trust’ put on money and to change our pledge to ‘under buddha’. This is horrible! Why aren’t people outspoken against this group?
[Hint: the sarcastically challenged need not reply. Hint 2: Think about why evangelical/fundamentalist christianity is a target as opposed to judaism, zen buddhism, etc, in the U.S.]

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Sho-Nuff Krueger

It is quite funny. It is wrong either way but the majority always has the feeling that majority rules.
That and Christianity has the feeling that I’m right, f you.

Jan Stolz

For the same reason the Christians are trying to get the US government to endorse theirs: power.


The money was supposed to say “In Guns We Trust,” but the manufacturers got into a huge squabble over which was to be the official symbolic state gun.
The deadline for the slogan design ran out before the vote could be taken between the Mighty Desert Eagle or the Deadly Colt Python.
As a result the inoffensive word God was sustituted instead. Winning out over the monetary logical choice of the word Gold by one letter and the cost of ink.
One nation, indivisible under Colt.

Brendan G

LOL! Don’t imagine that they wouldn’t try though if they had the numbers. I live in (Theravada Buddhist) Thailand and the monks wield considerable power.


We aren’t fighting against these, because we don’t have to. This is a Christian Nation. Not because it was founded as one, but because it simply is one – we are just over 81% majority.
No zen-buddhist nonsense is going to get the money changed, or anything else. Let them go ahead and try – it’ll keep them busy and out of worse trouble, i suppose.
This Nation has a great part to play in the end times. Christ will not allow it to go any other way than by His plan, so don’t be too worried about nonsense. God is in control.


I’m okay with evolution getting banned, but I’m NOT okay with “Zen Meditation periods” in school. If you want to meditate, do it AFTER or BEFORE school..

Matt H

certainly you do not believe buddhism has never been used to control people, to influence people to do what the majority and the elite of society think is right… i would admit it has happened far less with buddhism, and that its likelihood of occurring is far less… however look at the way in which people do use buddhism now, to attack another religion… just as i would think jesus would not want christianity used to bully people around, buddha would not want buddhism used to tear someone elses faith down… not that i think that was your intention, you make an excellent point and i realize you were not attacking the whole of christianity but those would would use it improperly (good intentions or not).. but the point i want to make is one should not use the name of buddha to attack the whole of christianity, maybe some aspects of it like you have done, but it could easily go too far, to the point where people are saying buddha is better than christ… and this diminishes both religions, jesus means so much to people, it is uncompassionate to belittle their faith, and i admit to having done it in the past… cause its easy to think oh buddhism is so much better than christianity.. but when i do that i think i miss the point of buddhism, i think any sufficiently influential way of thinking is bound to have some corruption and some misguided do-gooders, and even evil-dooers, it just happens so much more with christianity and islam because their ancient texts are so filled with violence, and strange ways of justifying irrational even hateful acts… but buddhism has and can be used in the same way http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/message_list.asp?discussionID=392784


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