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Why are women more likely to believe in horoscopes, acupuncture, reiki, spiritual healing, mediums, homeopathy

and all that crappo?
[i’m not looking to debate whether this sh1t is valid or not; I am simply asking why women are more likely to believe in bizarre things which have no basis in science or reality]
kessie: “yet as more continues to be revealed, [scientists] continue to revise their theories.”
yes, that’s called “the scientific method”
Well done.
sam: carry out enough tests and you will get the appropriate number of false positives.


  1. Probably the same reason men are more likely to believe that some pill that was advertised to them in a spam email can make their penis grow five inches.
    What that reason actually is, we may never know.

  2. Yes, anyone want to buy the weight-loss pink patch?
    Mmmmmmmmm, wonder why it’s pink, what sex would that appeal to mmmmmm

  3. I don’t think its a female trait, just that women are more likely to be exposed to this rubbish…. have you ever picked up a magazine aimed at the female market?
    men are just as likely to get into other forms of pseudoscience and superstition.
    Men are more likely to believe in magnetic stick-on patches that save petrol, or magic felt tips pens which can increase the audio performance of a cd.
    An excellent book if you want to read up on the subject:
    ‘Why people believe weird thing’ by Michael Shermer

  4. “No basis in science or reality”
    You mean…like God? Last time I checked, churches, mosques and synagogues were full of an equal number of men.

  5. Oh wow. I have always been much more skeptical about such woo woo than my male partners. Always.
    That aside, the fact is, women have been stereotyped in Western culture as being less rational and more emotional and spiritual than men, who are supposed to be more reasonable. Therefore it can reasonably be surmised that women are culturally rewarded for being emotional and inclined to believe in the irrational whereas men are punished for such.

  6. its not we believe in it its just we will try anything were just more adventurous than you men, see you at my next spiritualistic hallucinogenic meeting lol

  7. because unlike males, women don’t believe they already have all the answers to everything in the universe and remain open-minded. Besides, there’s more to the heavens and earth, than science. According to science, nothing exists until scientists say it does (talk about cults…) and yet as more continues to be revealed, they continue to revise their theories – meaning, they don’t have all the answers.

  8. I think people, in general, are likely to believe this stuff if they feel helpless in life otherwise.
    Magic and mysticism is a tool to gain power that doesnt exist in their arsenal already. They seek knowledge and the capacity to influence the material world with ease and anonymity for personal gain… like anyone else with knowledge and power. Faith is often placed in things like this because the desire to believe them is so strong, the desperation to exact change in life is so strong.
    Often times these people feel helpless or are helpless… possibly because they are apathetic or lack the initiative to actually labor for what they want. Its a lazy, risk-free, shortcut to acquiring what they desire: money, love, and etcetera.
    On top of that, women are more inclined to want love and the affections of the man of their dreams. Men do go to mystics… but more often than not for money and wealth. Women go for love and romance and passion. And, I dont think you would disagree, but love is very spiritual to begin with… and very consistent with the spiritualism associated with mysticism.
    The difference between Christian faith and occult mysticism is very simple. Faith is the relinquishment of control. Mysticism is the attempt to acquire control. One is humble, the other is selfish, greedy and desperate.
    As for things like acupuncture and homeopathy and whatnot… there is plenty of science and centuries of practice that say its valid. Its physical to begin with, so the scientific connection is testable and less ignorable. Prescription medicines are in fact manufactured from the very same plants and herbs that your “crazies” have been using all along. Even I, as an educated guy, believe there is a lot to it. I do not place herbs and acupuncture in the same category as palmistry and crystal balls.

  9. too each his own……it is what it is…im sure you have your own crappo stuff you beleive in, just like we do…

  10. women use more emotion in decision making than men. Intuition plays a larger role, and feelings are emphasized over reason.

  11. I can’t answer for women in general, only from my own experiences.
    I have used acupuncture and it DOES work. If you have never had acupuncture then you have no reason to disregard it as sh 1te. Acupuncture has helped many people with various conditions.
    I also believe in compatibilty of astrological signs. All my friends/previous boyfriends and my husband have been/are earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) I don’t know why but these are the only signs I get on well with. Scorpios and myself (Taurus) ALWAYS take an instant dislike to each other.
    I don’t see how all this can be coincidental.
    Maybe women are more open minded about these topics.

  12. its not that they are more gullable its the fact that most of these things are tied into what they want…women want to look younger and beautfiul so anything that can help them is worth a try….just as men are absolutely obssesed about penis size so they try anything going to make it bigger

  13. My sister had a serious operation on her ankle. Basically, the surgeon inserted a small bar and screws because she fractured it in many places. She had the hardware removed a year later because the screws were pertruding her skin. She lost feeling in her toes. Accupuncture restored the feeling in her toes.

  14. This question says more about you, that you are uneducated, juydgemental and have no soul. You dismiss things you know nothing about as sh1t.
    You are the ignorant fool.

  15. I liked the first answer. If you put the word ‘vagina’ in eBay search there are about 25 products, mostly The Vagina Monologues, put in penis (!) and there are hundreds of ‘herbal’ penis enlargers and the like.
    Didn’t you ask this question about feminists a couple of weeks ago – why don’t you just come out and say it – you think that women are idiots. Gullible women are idiots, more women than men are religious too.

  16. Intelligent women are less likely to, stupid women more so. I’ve met very few who are rational. Look at some of the posts on here. “You know nothing about it” – yes I do and I know it’s a con. Research the history and the ‘science’ of it and you will know too. “Acupuncture has helped people” – well, yes, but you should know it’s psychological – you think something will work, it might have a postive effect. Placebo. Many scientific tests have been conducted and found nothing. No two Feng Shui ‘experts’ can agree on anything. “I can’t go out with another Taurus” – you are already predisposed to making it fail. “You are uneducated” – no, it’s just the opposite, it’s the ignorant believe stuff that has no basis in fact.

  17. “All my friends/previous boyfriends and my husband have been/are earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) “.
    Well, clearly all (but one, maybe) have NOT worked out so why do you think this is proof you are compatible with these signs?


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