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Why are we told not to listen to Psychics & Mediums when Jesus had some very "Psychic" abilities?

Then again, in Revelations: seeing the future.
I mean, there are some people born with psychic abilities that are *not* merely greedy charlatans seeking profit.
Who makes the decision as to Who is Divinely Inspired and Who is Not?


  1. Jesus’ “psychic powers” was from God himself. God guided him, talked to him, and told him what would happen. Jesus is a part of God.
    Satan on the other hand developed the other psychic powers to deceive people. He would draw people to mediums instead of asking God for help.

  2. I didn’t know that.. that’s a little offensive to people . see that’s why we have wars all the time because of the people who have to be predudice. psychics aren’t doing anything wrong, and you don’t know but maybe they’re decentants of jesus, or maybe he could trust these people with this power, it’s very special

  3. Jesus is not divinely inspired anymore so than your cat (or dog or ferret or…).
    However, religions have an automatic tendency to insult anything spiritual they disagree with, so it’s natural that abrahamic priests whine and moan when people mention psychics and mediums.


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