Why are thickos more likely to believe in homeopathy, reiki, fairies and ghosties?

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Straight for the jugular, eh?
luls xD


Do I really want to know what a “thicko” is?


I dont get it….whats a thicko?


OMG!! they iz ALL realz!!!
I SWEAR i saw a fairy in the garden last nite!!!!
She lookd JUST like Tinka bell from peter pan!!
N i saw a ghostie too!!!!!
OMDzz he lookd JUS like Scrooge!!!!
homeopathy is B.S. !! it aint real.
and i aint thick!
Thicko’s beleive hamburgers can be used to read da future


Doesn’t everyone have a right to believe in what they want without being called a thicko???? In that case you would be calling everyone that believed in god or religion a thicko.


Them being thick heads gives them a wide imagination span, you know ‘dare to dream’ but also people like to think that those type of things exist because maybe they’re tired,sick or just bored of this ‘so down to earth, world’ I know I am. But I don’t believe in homeopathy, reiki, fairies and ghosties, I just wish/ love if magic and telekinesis is real. LOL I know….. childish.


Why are others so maleable by governments that they do not have the capacity to accept or even study or investigate the possibility that more exists in this world than what we know?
Why can fairies not exist? Why is that when we have a vaccination against something that vaccination actually contains the something we are being vaccinated against? isn’t that the same principal of homeopathy?
People with closed critical minds like yours have never invented anything, they have accepted what authorities tell them, then they come onto yahoo answers trying to sound smart and original. You sound thicker than those you are trying to put down, at least they studied to form their beliefs.


Only a ‘Thicko’ could post such a question.

The Wail of a Banshee

Because we are more in tune with our psyche.
And jennylyn you are in violation of the community rules.


First of all I think religion should be kept out of the argument, religion is a faith, and although I’m an atheist I’m broad minded and tolerant enough to let others believe and practice whatever they want, live and let live is my motto.
Homoeopathy, reiki, fairies and ghosties however are another matter and if someone makes such a claim, then they should be able to substantiate that claim and I’ll just take homoeopathy as one example.
James Randi is the scourge of paranormal believers and has put up $1,000,000 to anyone who can substantiate their claim, you can read about it in my sources.
The world respected TV program ‘Horizon’ put up a challenge for this claim on the subject of homoeopathy using several top university hospitals, they lost, my second link is a transcript of an interview with him afterwards.
Personally I wouldn’t call anyone thickos but that’s just me, but I would question they’re intelligence when confronted by the fact that no-one over the last ten years has taken Randi’s $1,000,000 on claims, apart from the ones mentioned on Graphology, spoon bending, astrology, telekinesis, laying on of hands, levitation, acupuncture, faith healing, psychic surgery, dowsing, mind reading, telepathy, phrenology, palm reading, mediums, clairvoyants, out of body experiences, remote viewing, ouija boards and crystal power, those are the ones that come to mind and there must be many more.
EDIT: Trouble, vaccines contain a measurable amount of an innactive substance, a typical homoeopathic remedy is 30c, which means that the original substance has been diluted by 1 plus 30 zeros, not even a molucule of the original substance remains.


Trouble said: “Why is that when we have a vaccination against something that vaccination actually contains the something we are being vaccinated against? isn’t that the same principal of homeopathy?”
It is strange that even though you know so little about vaccination and homeopathy, you still try and answer this question? Once you understand why you do this, you’ll also understand that faeries can’t exist.
LillyB: Ooh, tell us what you got a first in! I bet it wasn’t anything to do with science was it?


I don’t believe in ghosties and fairies however I have found both homeopathy and reiki to be very effective but I don’t suppose you have ever actually tried either. Funny but in my experience most people who use the term “thickos” generally tend to be just that! By the way, I got a first at university.


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