Why are these cuts on my feet not healing?

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I cut both my ancles on the inside of my feet and all that happens is the skin goes hard and then flakes off. Its not healing and ive even baught some special skin cream.
What can I do to help them heal?
Why are they not healing naturally?

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gilly g

Go to your doctor ASAP for some tests could be nothing but could be something more serious like diabetes.


How old are you? Reason I ask is you may have a problem with your thyroid and need thyroid tablets. One of the symptoms is what you describe above.


you must to see a dermatologist, you can have fungus or may be your skin is really dry.


do you have diabetes? sometimes people with diabetes have problems with their feet, if so you may need to see a MD


It could be anything from athlete’s foot to diabetes. You really need to go to the doctor and have a professional look at them.


You definitely need to see a doctor. If cuts aren’t healing properly, it is a good symptom of diabetes, and you should take that seriously. Please see your doctor. If you are diabetic, something as small as a cut, could actually cause amputation. I’m not trying to scare you, but it is the truth, so take precautions.


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