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Why are there some repetations in Qur'an?

Since the Qur’an is both a book of invocation, and a book of prayer, and a book of summons, the repetition in it is desirable, indeed, it is essential and most eloquent. It is not as the faulty imagine. For the mark of invocation is illumination through repetition. The mark of prayer is strengthening through repetition. The mark of command and summons is confirmation through repetition. Moreover, everyone is not capable of always reading the whole Qur’an, but is mostly able to read one Sura. Therefore, since the most important purposes of the Qur’an are included in most of the longer Suras, each is like a small Qur’an. That is to say, so that no one should be deprived, certain of its aims like Divine unity, the resurrection of the dead, and the story of Moses, have been repeated. Also, like bodily needs, spiritual needs are various. Man is need of some of them every breath; like the body needs air, the spirit needs the word Hu (He). Some he is in need of every hour, like “Bismillah” (In the Name of God.) And so on. That means the repetition of verses arises from the repetition of need. It makes the repetition in order to point out the need and awaken and incite it, and to arouse desire and appetite.
What do you think about it?


  1. All holiest of the holy books will contain certain repetitive key phrases. This is because, man, by nature, is an animal; unless he/she is repetitively told, the significance of it will not get drilled down into his/her mind. Repetitive recitals are therefore a must.

  2. thanks for sharing jazakallah …..its true …there are repetitions in quran ….but its a Miracle ..that each repetition create new effects…new dimensions of meanings….weather its repetition of an order …..incident …of any holy prophet …..name of allah …showing HIS …rules ….qualities ….knowing allah .s ..divine rules on times …spaces …when they …when these were come into ……..these repetitions …as you mentioned …on one hand fulfill the need at that time ….and at all times …from then …to beyond times …..and its strange width of meanings …which further create …thirst …for seeking …for exploring …….otherwise in any worldly essays ….a sentence repetition is …look like so negative …that no scholar dares to repeat in his thesis…. and if he does ..he feels guilty …critics do not spare him …and repetitions looks awkward ….but here in 1400 years ….no such incident ….as every time have new meanings.

  3. To understand this one has to read the Quran properly and must reject prejudice and bigotry.
    A cut and paste knowledge is not a good way to learn anything.


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