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Why are there so many tarot card decks on sale?

You can hardly call them the tarot now that they all look different from the original french ones and the subsequent Rider-Waite cards. Do we really need yet another deck of pretty pictures that supposedly say the same things?


  1. The pictures are for the subconscious links the cards create. Personally I prefer the symbolism in the celtic style cards better than Rider-Waite. Its a matter of personal preference. I also know a lot of people who collect the decks but don’t actually use them.

  2. Even if it seems silly to have different decks of Tarot cards, I find that each deck I have will read differently. I find that when I do a reading for someone, I would let them choose which deck they want, as the energies from certain decks will resonate differently with each person.
    I don’t use my cards anymore as I can read someone thru meditation, but you may or may not find some readings better than others if you continue to use the same deck all the time. Hope this helps

  3. Not everyone will be able to use the same deck – their psyches may require either more elaborate pictures or very simple pictures to be stimulated. By having different decks you can appeal to different people. And they don’t necessarily say the same thing – show one card to five different people and you’ll more than likely get five different interpretations. Personally I can’t use the Rider-Waite deck, I get no response when I look at the pictures.
    Not to mention the price of tarot cards – it’s quite a racket!

  4. Different people connect with different imagery. I work with pendulums and have a decent assortment. I find that some “work” better than others depending on the subject, mood, time, etc.

  5. Yes. Different art appeals to different people. The importance of the artwork is that it calls to you and you connect to it. If you are reading tarot with cards that you don’t really care for, that feeling can block the accuracy of the reading. There are all sorts of things to consider. Past lives, culture, likes and dislikes etc.
    I have never liked the Rider-Waite deck. I love the Connolly deck. The pictures are much more bright and vibrant and I love the use of imagery to get the meaning of the card across. It is just much easier to connect with.

  6. because people are looking for something and hope they can find it through the cards no i dont think we need another deck of pretty cards lol

  7. Uh – there were many, many decks before the Rider – Waite cards…..as well as other decks from other members of the Golden Dawn society (not to mention Crowley’s…) (didn’t Regardie also have a deck??? Hmm…gotta look that up again…)
    But that’s the nice thing about them….you can find the deck that suits you. I worked with the Waite deck, the Crowley deck, and numerous others before I found a deck based on the Greek myths. They’re the ones I like the most- hence, they’ll work the best for me.
    Actually – the very best deck would be one you make for yourself, but we’re not all artists! (especially me!!)

  8. actuially terot cards have been used for many centurys.you should get a deck that you are familior with and thare some of those that can be discarded couse thare of no importance.never read for friends family or youre self and allways make the person pay atleast a dollar otherwise you insult the speriots.and keep them clean and in a ceder box..you only need cards that you can read.,and lastly give thanks to god for the gifts that the cards bring.

  9. Well, one deck works better than another. For example, I always read better with one of my decks than another.

  10. the reason about the tarot cards is because the way people will interpret the meaning. Tarot cards have been created in order to understand your inside, intuition of course. There are so many because there are so many people with different believes but at last they all come to the same point. Tarot is Tarot no matter how you describe it, picture or interpret. Hail lucifer!!

  11. I own 5 sets of cards, they are not all tarot but I find that with different people I need different cards to read from. Some cards I use for more in depth readings, others I use for a light reading.
    They dont all say the same things… when doing a reading you dont necessarily read the cards as such, i read off the energies the person i have read for has put into the cards when they were shuffling the deck.

  12. Not only is the art different from deck to deck, but some decks are not even used in the same way as the standard tarot deck is used. Some cards are used as personal meditation cards. I used to have about 15 different decks. I have had angel cards, gypsy fortune telling cards, meditation cards and an original French deck gifted to me by a complete stranger. I went through them all last year and whittled it down to just 5 decks. I have my fairy oracle, which is my favorite (artwork by Brian Froud). I have my cat people tarot which I use for readings with strangers or people I don’t know very well. I have a deck whose art is quite adult and I can’t think of the artist right now, but I use those for private readings and I have a smaller deck which is just the major arcana but based on the teaching of the Golden Dawn and I got it because I liked the art, but I hardly ever use the deck. I also kept the meditation deck, which I use one by one on my personal alter when I need them. The pictures really aren’t interpreted the same from deck to deck either, so they don’t say the same things. Most of us don’t even interpret the standard cards the same way. What means one thing to me, might not mean the same for you or for the person you are doing the readings for. It’s all about personal tastes.


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