why are there so few females interested in Cosmology and issues of a quantum mechanical nature?

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I would think that a search for meaning (ie. how human consciousness relates to the Universe as a whole) and ideas relating to a unified theory would apply to all and thus negating political, cultural, economic, and gender differences. When females do appear in the sciences, they are examples of extremely intelligent, highly motivated, and intensely focused individuals (ie. exceptional acheivers of scientific endeavor) while it appears that any mediocre male can get a backstage pass to the cosmic theatre. Is this gender bias ingrained at a young age? I don’t remember an astronaut Barbie ever been issued. Perhaps it is taboo or shameful for a young woman to have interests in the very big or very small. Energy in all of its tranformations and manifestations should apply to man and woman alike.
I was hoping to hear more opinions from yahoo females, but as you can see, the cross section of purveyors is overwhelmingly male. Also, I might add, Jewel’s small poem is as beautiful and grand as the Universe itself, thus an indication that she is an exceptional and above-average member of her gender. Kudos to you, Jewel!
Without throwing any spears or mentioning any names, the cross-section of males who responded to the question further illustrates my observation that males need not be exceptionally gifted or above mediocre levels of expression to be enthusiastic fans of Astro-plexity. Heck, the highly fluent W prez is an ivy-league accolade, and yet he claims to endorse creationism; for a woman to sit in that seat she would have to have world-class eloquence and exceptional powers of observation. It is the understanding and the exploration of space that will unite the peoples of the world and bring us together with common goals (overpopulation, pollution, extra-terrestial colonization, and the mining of planets, moons, and asteroids) that will free us from inter-species wars and other misunderstandings. The world is only so big, but the Universe is (probably) endless: will we survive?

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This question is a long-winded, “soapbox”, social issues question.
Personally, I don’t know why more females don’t get into the astrophysics and aeronautics sciences. I could speculate that it has to do more with basic and instinctive favor towards more social careers, and astro-anything is a more solitary field of endeavor. But, that’s a stab in the dark.
Why is it you feel compelled to ask lengthy and complex social issues questions in a strictly scientific forum? Answer me that, would ya?
What was that question you asked about a buzzing dildo?


I think you are making a generalization. There are quite a few women in Cosmology. The same amount as men? Probably not. I think it’s a cultural thing, or at least was. Give it time, things are changing.


Well you got that wrong – More Women are – Pity so few men realise this.
Take me, Embrace me,
Let me in to your heart
My love is abundant
My light is the Stars
Be my friend and love me true
For you are me and I am you
© Jewel

Geoff G

I don’t know the current statistics, but I know that at one point in the 20th century, there was a higher percentage of women in astronomy than in any of the other physical sciences. My club often gets speakers from among the doctoral students in astronomy at the University of Toronto, and the majority of these are women, and extremely bright ones.


There are many women who have intense interests in the sciences and cosmological matters. To date not many of them have actually made careers in those fields because we are near the end of an extended period in which women were expected to be interested in domestic concerns only.
If you get into the sciences and read the scientific literature, you will find there are more female scientists than you might imagine.
And if you just stick around, there will be more with each passing year…


Theory on my part, but some women, even though they are smart, are afraid of being intiminating to men, so they pursue other fields that don’t showcase their minds so much. Not that medicine and law don’t require good brains, but even in those fields there are fewer women than there could be.


There are plenty of women in astronomy and cosmology. I’m one of them.


You’re obvisously intelligent. Now that aside, women are different. Physically, mentally and emotionally. While men have their strength in the upper body, women are stonger in their legs pound for pound. Mentally, women can withstand nine times the pain a man can before passing out. Emotionally, well if I answer this one I’ll be crucified by my wife. Suffice it to say their interests are not always the same. While we as men always ask why, most women are happy to ask how does this affect me. “Behind every good man, there is a great woman.” Oh yeah, they’re better with money management as well.


Cause they’re more interested in sex.


Uh, I don’t know whay you think females are uninterested in cosmology or physics.
Something does seem to happen in science education in around middle school that discourages many girls. And there’s still an “old boys network” still in operation in the sciences.
I don’t see cosmology or quantum as being about human consiciousness — the fields that address this (such as research in psychology) are heavily populated by women.
What you mean about any male yahoo doing well in those fields, I have no idea. People who do serious work in those fields have serious brain power; you don’t make it there otherwise.
But you’ve made some awfully sweeping statements there, that are just not so. On several accounts.


there are plentiful amounts of women that believe or have anything to do with cosmology and astrology, why, i am one of them, i hail from the planet of Zorgah in the glaxy of Magicka right outside the Adromeda galaxy.
There is no astronaut barbie because barbie is all about fashion, friendship, and santasy, and has nothing to do with science

paul ken

i dont think there r less females in cosmology




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