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Why are there no independent accounts of the Ascension of Jesus?

Judea was a literate Roman province 2000 years ago. However, why are there no independent, written accounts of Jesus’ ascension to heaven over a large city (Jerusalem)?
I’m just curious. I mean, I guess I could see how all the residents would just look up, see some dude going up to heaven and just shrug it off and write about their falafel being mediocre instead.


  1. Because there are no contemporary, independent accounts of Jesus, even thought there were writers at the time that wrote about religious figures/leaders.
    The only possible contemporary reference is the Babylonian Talmud which contradicts the Gospel accounts. But it is unclear if it is referring to the same personage.

  2. Because the Jews were responsible for having Him crucified and the Romans did the killing, so why would they condemn themselves. I guess you could say it is the same reason Capone plead the 5th amendment they must have felt if they didn’t admit their mistakes they could justify themselves. Although there are many accounts from the people that were at the crucifixion that admitted He was the Son of God after witnessing the events that happened afterward. You only need to read the bible to find out more about it.

  3. Firstly, Jesus was a real person that did walk this earth, like plato, aristotle, alexander the great, etc.
    Archeological and historical evidence can prove it.
    And secondly the ascension of jesus was witnessesd by his closest firends the apostles and many more, not everyone spoke and wrote greek, So the only ones who could get their hands on ink and paper which was a luxury were the people who wrote the gospels, Clearly you and others need to go to college and take classes before making allegations that aren’t true


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