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Why are there more woman into witchcraft?

This seems to be a growing, more woman are joining witchcraft. Why? What is the big deal?


  1. I know quite a few male witches. I think it’s more a case of women are more comfortable out of the broom closet than their male counterparts.

  2. Women are more intuitive in that way especially dealing with nature, elements, etc. Woman are strong and have been strong in that era for such a long time ever since the dawn of women. Witchcraftism is evident in all various cultures from
    around the world.
    My belief is that since woman stayed at home at that time, tend to the home, houes, children and the husband was out gathering food. Woman had a lot of time being at home. Also woman could not ‘fight’ back or talk back to a man back then, because woman were looked at as inferior, physically. With this concept, woman fought back mentally and spiritually by doing and practicing such.
    Women are more intuitive as to what goes on around them, nature, etc.; they have the ability to ‘feel’ more. Woman are creative creatures. Woman are strong in the sense that their bodies are strong to carry another soul inside of them at the same time, dealing with their own body and soul. This is why a woman’s vibrational field reasonates higher than a man’s. They have power in that way. Woman’s bodies are also in tune with the moon and menstrual bleeding.
    I don’t think that woman are into witchcraft more. I just think that they are okay to come out and talk and inquire about it unlike before, it was secret. Women feel the need to have control of the things that they can around them. I don’t personally practice witchcraft.
    I was into that ‘scene’ before and was intrigued by it but for me, I rather not go down that way. For whatever spell anyone casts, remeber, what goes around comes around and that’s real.

  3. Actually I think it’s that more women are becoming more comfortable with the fact that they Can take power back and be more than they could be for millennium. More and more women are becoming pagan, but that does mean all of them are practicing witchcraft. There are many types of witchcraft also, including kitchen witchery, which many women have been doing to years and didn’t know it.
    Women, in very ancient pre-history, were revered as givers of life. They were considered closer to deity than the males. The original deities were all female, the male gods came several thousands of years later. Women found the food sources such as herbs, spices, etc. They found the medicinal value of many of those herbs as well as their culinary value. They are more intuitive and are better natural healers than men. All this combined to make women very powerful, at least at first.
    When the patriarchal societies finished with women, they were little more than slaves. The sad thing is, women allowed themselves to become this. No one really knows why. Anyway, millennium later, women are again gaining equality with men and their instincts and natural powers are again being respected and recognized. They are throwing off the yolk of the patriarchal religions and looking for a spirituality that nourishes them instead of taking from them. What is so hard to understand about that?

  4. I happen to know as many male witches as I know female witches.
    I think perhaps that men have always been the quiet type. They do not communicate much (recent studies showed that they feel just the same way women do but choose to not express themselves).
    In my family there are more female witches due to their being more females lol, but in a witch group we have here for my city we are an equal number.
    women express themselves more so it’s why we hear from them more.
    Shadow the Male Witch

  5. The most correct answer is that only women can be considered a witch.. Male version of a witch are called wizards………..

  6. I think men are more attracted to black magic because they like the thought of domineering or having power over others.
    Where as, women are more attracted to white magic because women like to nurture and in white witchcraft you connect with mother earth, mother nature and worship the goddess.

  7. It is going to sound strange for me to mention these two belief systems together but more women are joining paganism and Islam for the same reason: Christianity is very anti-woman and a lot of the converts are former Christians. I don’t get this from any statistic or official source but from hearing and reading what women have to say about why they prefer their new path.

  8. I think because of two things.
    1. Many women seem to feel the Abrahamic religions view women as inferior (which isn’t quite true)
    2. Most pagan beliefs put strong emphasis on the female as the “mother goddess”
    Though I would like to point out to Pagans that the religion of Athens was based around the goddess Athena and yet Athenian society was very oppressive towards women.


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