Why are there moral issues about the cloning of humans?

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I know it is scientifically possible, (it can’t not be!) and I’m sure someone in a lab somewhere must have done it.
I’m also wondering if a cloned human, created approximately the same time or very very shortly thereafter the conception of the host human, would demonstrate the same attributes of the host human. Would they be as alike as twins? Or would it go much farther than that, such as thinking exactly the same way and such a heightened sense of the other’s emotional state as to appear as a sort of telepathy?
Isn’t it possible that some people’s misplaced morals are getting in the way of such an important scientific discovery?!?

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“Misplaced morals,” eh? You’re going to get some, ummm, interesting answers to your many questions, for sure.
For many people, life is sacred, so thinking about it in terms like “host human” goes against important values. That is, life is a gift from God and not something created in a petri dish or under a microscope.
I certainly acknowledge that a number of cloning advocates have different views, but just want to explain that what you term “misplaced morals” is a lot more than that to many people.


What about your rights to be ‘you’ and the only ‘you’ that is?
Follow with a little study of the subject matter and there is a slight problem concerning something called ‘methylation’ (SP??) as the ‘methylation’ of the genetic structures (DNA) falls off, over time, and no one knows how to replace that ‘methylation’ such that using an older persons genes creates some problems, as yet UN-known for the completeness of the effects, so it might render that person (the older persons’ clone) as **painfully existent** so, should we do that?? Do we have that right??

Randy G

For one thing, we are not that good at cloning yet, so there is a high chance of birth defects. Why do you think that it is a “misplaced moral” to want to avoid producing a deformed person who will have to live with her defect for the rest of her life?
And what medical use is there in producing twins anyway that would make it worth the risk?

Ocean of Notion

Why are there moral issues about the cloning of humans?
why not?


Actually, they would be more different than twins. Because twins are clones (YES, they are) with exactly the same genetic and epigenetic information, in an early stage of their development. However clones obtained beyong the stages where natural cloning occurs, get individual with the same genetic information but with different epigenetic information. Recent research has shown that this could be a potential problem in the health of the clone. Not only that, clones obtained from adults is still a problem because this cells presents too much DNA damage that makes them old, so a clone obtained from this cells will have aged features, like dolly the sheep, which died horrobly.
People have the wrong idea of having two of the same person, like if we cloned Einstein would be like bringing him back to life and even make him immortal in that way, but that does not match reality, as we have seen with twins which are the cases of the most similarity possible obtained from clones. They are just two different persons, which develop their own identity, not the same.

El Charangista

Religious people seem inclined to object to humans seeming to do what they only accept God doing: creating a person (despite the fact they do it themselves everytime they have a baby). And since religious people are also often anti-abortion, I suspect they would also object the destruction of fetuses not used in the cloning process (cloning involves multiple fertilizations and destroys the unsuitable ones).
It would not surprise me if down the road “genetic property” becomes an issue akin to “intellectual property”. Who owns your DNA? You? Can you license out your DNA? Can someone cloned from you claim rights to the same DNA? If your clone committed a crime, could DNA evidence mistakenly incriminate you?


any time you tinker with nature to change it it is not right. God made it and leave it alone

Ask Cliff

People think it is doing gods work


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