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Why are there 3 November birthstones? ?

Okay, so at first I thought that the birthstone was topaz, then I heard it was citrine, and now I heard it’s aquamarine!!!
I know nobody’s lying since there are multiple sources for each of the results, but why would there be 3?
I’m so confused, and I’d like to know my grandpa and my birthstone.


  1. I’m pretty sure it’s not aquamarine because I think that is another month’s stone. But I’m not sure.
    I’ve heard the same thing. I’ve always thought that it was topaz, then someone told me it was citrine. I’d like to know too.
    Maybe it’s a good thing we have two birthstones?

  2. It’s called marketing,my friend and it’s done for pure commercial purposes.
    It was stolen from the Indians and their Vedic astrology traditions with birth stones that were “favored” by the planetary rulers. People in that country are advised to wear certain stones to alleviate bad horoscope conditions, bring good luck.
    If you want to know that (probably don’t), Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, and Mars stones are RED stones (like red coral). Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and YELLOW stones are what Jupiter likes (like Topaz).
    So basically, just pick what you like, unless of course you want to be SERIOUS. 🙂

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