Why are the western and eastern idea of religion so different?

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Western: Here we have the Abrahamic religions, where people kills each other over it, oppress minorities and the religions commands obedience.
Eastern: Here we have Buddhism, Taoism etc. They work to become better persons, they respect each other and the religions doesn’t discriminate each other.
Back to my question, why are the mentalities so different?

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Hinduism has a caste system. It’s the oldest form of apartheid.
Abrahamic religions do have some forms of egalitarianism that aren’t in eastern religions, but overall you’re right. In eastern religions your relationship with the supernatural is mainly a personal thing; in western religions religion has a strong societal structure and societal rules: some say the societal rules of western abrahamic religions provide a healthier society, some say they don’t. Your classificaiton of ‘western’ religion should really be middle-eastern religion… the western religions like of the Greeks and paganism were wiped out in a cultural genocide by people in power.

I LOOOOOVE NICK (Harold Saenger)

In western society… the leaders used religion to gain power…
In eastern… they didn’t need religions…

Mushroom Jesus

The bible is more like Buddhism when interpreted correctly (not the way Christians do), but try looking up “Gnosticism” sometime… they didn’t worship the “God” guy that drowned the world. The Church got everyone worshipping the God guy through threat of death and torture and then they became “God” who merely represents a tyrannical authority.


First of all your division is not quite correct. The western Gods would also include such things as the Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Nordic pantheons. also the East has systems such as Hinduism. Secondly, the characteristics you listed are not intrinsic to the systems like you have made them.
There is a division, it is between the concepts of Infinite versus finite Gods and Personal versus impersonal Gods. Christianity has the only one that can explain the human condition with a personal infinite God.

Maria v

First of all, we did not come down to earth to be the same. Many factors influence beliefs. Even people who live in the same household do not share the same views.
I don’t know why you ask why east and west are different.. Contrast causes you to desire, desire causes you to grow, growing is thriving. And thriving is life.

Feathered Serpent

Mentality is different due to culture,but if you dive deep into some of the more Gnostic/mystical texts or shock horror! a western school of thought that is not Abrahamic at all you will find many similarity’s such as transmigration of the soul in comparison to reincarnation.
The question should be why did the the parts that were so different take priority of those that were similar.

Meg M

Yeah, that’s why the 1947 Partition was so peaceful. Almost one million people died “respecting” each other.


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