why are the majority of atheists i know male? why do more women believe in psychics, astrology et cetera?

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i know one female atheist. why are women more prone to superstition.
you ladies may be atheists but you have comprehension and reading difficulties. i am not saying none exists nor did i make a generalization.
are you saying you know more female atheists than male?

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That’s not true..

(sassy & tangy) is ho-ho-hoing

Now you know two female atheists.

jupiter FIVE

wrong, i know lots and lots of female atheists. and none of them are superstitious or anything…

Atheist at a Catholic University

I am female, and an atheist. And thusly, I have proven you wrong.

Classical Liberal Jochan

I know more female atheists than male ones.

Anonnie Mouse

I think you need to get out more!
I actually know more die-hard female atheists than male. Most of the male atheists I know IRL are of the agnostic-leaning perspective.
edit: I have counted eight out of twelve answerers as female thus far!
edit #2: Also, the only requisite line of thinking for atheism is a lack of belief in deities, so any other beliefs are fair game. Maybe the women you know are atheists, they just happen to believe in other things as well.

kelly greentwig

That’s strange. Where I live it seems to be the other way around. I live in WV and I know more female agnostics and atheists than males. I also know more religious males than females.


I find that offensive. Just because you observe this behavior doesn’t make it universal


Well, now you know two female atheists.
Edit: I guess you know five female atheists

Johnny Boy

Could it be that you know disproportionately more men than women? As I am assuming you are a male it could also be that your female acquaintances haven’t opened up to you about their religion, there is still a stigma involved in telling people you are atheist.


Gee….there are tons of them here. Probably more than the guys.
I’m guessing that it’s because intelligent girls won’t waste their time talking to you.


Anybody who is incapable of reasoning falls towards superstition and myths.
Because honestly it’s A LOT easier to be superstitious then to actually work out from bottom to the top with reason and evidence.


i doubt that. i know a number of female atheists.

trollhouse cookies

counting myself, i know 20 atheist women …. you just need to meet more women 🙂

Obsidian 74

They’re more prone to it?


i have also noticed that trend
women are more led by their emotions, than men.
i dont know people are pretending its not true.


Haha, I agree with you. And you know what, I’m a woman. So any females who get offended, are just being overly emotional and sensitive.
My best guess would be that males are generally left brained, and females are generally right. So, in case you don’t know, left is basically the logical side, and right the artsy side.
Logically, no one can prove any higher powers exist, so males will go with that because it’s logical.
Females are more creative, so they would believe that the things exist without really questioning, or at least not as much as a male would.


Edit: I was more saying “huh” to your assumption that women are more prone to superstition and your generalization that more women believe in psychics, astrology, etc based on your own personal experiences.


Who is gonna challenge a pretty girl’s world view, or force them to think critically. I suppose if religion oppresses them then yea… but other than that, most people suck up to get laid…

Dr. Wonk

If rational, scientific thinking is the basis for Atheism, I’m afraid that the commenters who pipe up saying “I’m a woman and an atheist, therefore the majority of atheists are women” have failed the acid test. A sample size of one does not prove or disprove a thesis.
Schizophrenia is more common among men. Phobia is more common among women. These are facts, borne out by science, not opinions that are mutable for political purpose.
Whether or not you agree with the OP’s idea, taking personal affront isn’t a rational response — it’s an emotional response.


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