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Why are the Greek Gods in myths always wearing gold? Do you think the gold, shiny armor symbolize something?

Not only gold armor but also having a shiny, heavenly aura about them and being percieves as seemingly “bright” or “radiant”. Can you think of any reasons why these myths portray the gods and goddesses as such?
grammar errrors, i know. had to type quickly and realized after. ha ha. oops.


  1. Because gold has been seen since ancient times as a symbol of purity and perfection. By giving them an “aura”, they are instantly seen as being much more than merely human or mortal.
    addition: the Latin name for gold is “auric”, which has the same root as the word “aura”.

  2. to make them seem non-human. like in the odyssey, athena’s epithet is “bright-eyed athena” or “goddess of the flashing eyes” just to make the reader understand that the gods are not like mortals and are so far above us that they “glow” with divinity.

  3. Since gold is a beautiful and precious metal to humans, showing Deities dressed in gold armor or profusely adorned with gold would symbolize that the Gods are more regal than us lowly humans.

  4. apollo was the god of the sun, he was the only blonde god, so yellow and shiney yellow represented the sun.
    also the Pantheon was like most religions, Suncentric (having the sun as the center) so anything shiny and yellow represented the Sun and it’s rays.

  5. … isn’t “because they are Gods” answer enough? They were considered greater in status than mortals, and divinity has almost always been traditionally displayed as a gold aura. Gold was precious and special. Gods were special and got all the best things in sacrifice/temples (or they threw a hissy fit) so Gods were shown with the most valuable of tunics (gold is a hard colour to dye) and surrounded by bright light,


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