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Why are the environmental movements not raising funds for research into alternative energy sources?

Instead they usually suggest negative solutions, instead of positive ones.


  1. The problem is short term profits. Companies are still invested in long term profit mentality. When the stakes are so high they will often not change. The biggest problem really is auto manufacturing. There is technology available to cut the waste and make cars so green it’s quite ridiculous. Yet auto plants don’t get on board because the short term investment is so expensive to convert over to. So basically the bottom line is all about profit. As a consumer you ultimately hold the power, make your voice heard.

  2. who do you mean by ‘the environmental movements’? most charities are pretty strapped for cash, and research projects are expensive.
    why isnt THE GOVERNMENT funding research into alternative energy sources? the budget has been a measly few million for decades, a tiny fraction of that spent on nuclear.
    there are many long term practical experiments on show at the Centre for Alternative Technology, they do practical courses and post graduate;
    they set up in 1973.

  3. it is fairly well accepted that so called green energy is very costly. turbines and tidal systems would bearly pay for themselves within there lifespan.
    the environmenal movement has to embrace nuclear power, however, this is a very bitter pill to swallow..

  4. Have you done any research on that?
    I typed in “environmental research funding” and got
    I volunteer at an environmentally based organization where part of our funding goes to the Kibale wood stove project in Africa. Women in Africa cut down trees for wood fires to cook. The Kibale project provides specially designed stoves that allow them to cook, using 10% of the wood they used before.
    Instead of trolling about environmental groups and making blanket statements, I suggest you learn about them, find the good ones, and support them. In other words, do your homework.

  5. Because most are not actually interested in solving the problem, only in using it to advance their social or political agendas.

  6. Because there is no money in it. Ethanol is mandated by the government to be used even though it costs more to make, gets less MPG than gasoline, and takes refineries offline that could be producing gasoline. The goverment mandate of alternative fuels and pointless “green” energy conservation programs is one cause of the coming recession.
    One day we will all be united, all things will be equal, and there will be peace on Earth. Unfortunatley, we will no longer enjoy freedom.


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