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Why are the Chinese bullying the Dalai Lama and spreading lies about him?

Come on, I wanna see some evidence! And I don’t mean some propaganda written by your government!
Sorry i meant government and government followers


  1. you should really say, the chinese government since i’m chinese and when the population is over a billion you are stereotyping chinese people in general, chinese govt is pretty corrupt they’re basically turning into the nazis minus the mass killings though the tibet thing is borderline, restriction of media and manipulation of whats left, still got a massive army and could probably kick anyone arse in a battlefield, we may lack quality in numbers but we’ve got huge numbers, not that i’m in the army or anything, i’m a bbc

  2. The last I checked, my government (US one) had been funding the Dalai Lama and his guerrilla fighters.
    I didn’t know the PRC fueled the propaganda in Case Western Reserve University either:
    On US wars
    McCathy is spinning in his grave.
    Why don’t you show some proofs that the writers of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Time, the Daily Courier (Oregon paper) and the Guardian were spreading the propaganda of the PRC? Three of them are widely respected newspapers. I am a regular reader of the LA Times since I’m in SoCal. Nearly half of the all the stories I’ve read from the LA Times regarding China either had to mention Tiananmen incident or unhappy Chinese citizens being wronged by the PRC or what’s not somewhere in the stories. Chinese propaganda now? Why don’t you back up your claims?

  3. China finds him a threat because they know how popular he is and they don’t like that so they make up lies about him and hire people to get on the internet and hack into his account. You are right, it is bullying on a global scale!

  4. Its about power.
    Tibet was once an automatous country however it was invaded by the Chinese army in 1950 at the request of its leader Mao Zedong and today is still considered yet an internationally disputed, region of China. During this period the Dalai Lama was the spiritual leader of Tibet until 1959 when he was forced to flee and now resides in the Upper Dharamsala in northern India where he was granted asylum by the Indian government.
    A good dvd to see on this is called 10 questions for the Dalai Lama.
    ps the first answer from the Chinese fella is brutally true and accurate, good work!

  5. You won’t come across any evidence as there isn’t any. The Chinese government feels threatened by him and are making a big song and dance about President Obama meeting him. Very silly! As if America are going to listen to them!

  6. coz the stakes are too high…
    and all authoritarian regimes try to discredit a major opponent…
    they want everyone to believe their lies on Tibet…
    and Xinjiang too…
    XiZang Du Li (Free Tibet!)…
    Xinjiang Du Li (Free East Turkestan!)…

  7. You already have a cup full and will see nothing but in the way of western propaganda.
    So I’ll state a few historical facts.
    Dalai Lama is a title invented in the Imperial China hundreds of years ago, as 1 of the 2 Tibetan spiritual leaders and governor established by the Chinese central government. Tibetan law writes that Dalai Lama never dies, when this body of his is about to die, he chooses his next body, or his heir. The nomination would then be delivered to the holy Chinese central government to be approved. Everyone can see in these Tibetan laws that Dalai Lama, since the very begining, is nothing more than a spiritual puppet of the Chinese central government to rule Tibet.
    Dalai Lama, before he fled China, was a high ranking Chinese official, the Vice Prime Minister of the People’s Assembly, or the Communist Congress. Chinese see him first as a political traitor, then a Tibetan spiritual leader.
    Dalai Lama went into exile in 1959, but he didn’t apper on world stage until 1989, when the Tian’anmen incident happened. It’s because not until 1989, did the western media see the need to fuel anti-China propaganda, so they then turned Dalai Lama into a spiritual hero because they find the old man useful.
    Before the communists regained control over Tibet, Tibetan society was under a slavery system. the average expectation of life in Tibet was 35. In 1949, this Dalai Lama himself welcomed and praised the commuinst government in bringing freedom to the Tibetan people and improving the living standards. The expectation of life in Tibet is now more than 70 years.
    You see, whether you approve the Chinese government or not, it doesn’t matter. Facts speak for themselves. Of course, in history books, not through your media.


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