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Why are Tarot Card readers so bad with dates?

why is it every time you ask a tarot reader for a time frame, they say next month.And when it doesn’t come true they say its coming, next month.lol Can they see time frames or not?


  1. The cards are a prop. Just like using tea leaves, palms, or astrology charts. You still have to be a “psychic” to do these types of divination. All depend on one of the most basic things in life. Randomness.
    Nice to see that someone admit these tarot “readers” are guessing. Duh!

  2. i read tarot cards and usually can see things but sometimes the time frame isnt given its asking questions and you get the answers but anything can change those answers. Ive been spot on with someone telling them about there relationship and money matters and in telling them there finances look good they go and buy a car they cant afford they have completely changed the destiny by those choices. Its nothing id ever charge to do or ever depend on the answers to. I get mine done by someone whos amazing at it and she can not tell me when either but she told me with in a week i would lose around 200 bucks and i ended up getting a $180 dollar ticket on vacation. I was very healthy and she told me something clinical came up in my cards where id have to have tests done i didnt believe it that week as well i had started out of the blue urinating blood so sometimes they can sometimes they cant its all subject because not every thing shes told me has happened oh she did tell me with in the month id get a large sum of money i laughed at her and what do you know my grandpa died and left me 10k its all subject to interpratation

  3. Some tarot readers are quite good with time frames. It depends on the reader and what energy they apply to selective cards. Basically, when you are talking about energetic work, time is fluid, so it’s tough to nail down. Time is not linear as we know it. Time does not exist at all. The past, present, and future are all happening now. Have you ever read any science, read anything about the holographic universe and the multi-dimensional universe? Well, this is basically why it is hard to nail down times. I have had pretty good success with some timeframes, but others are rather murky. And this may be because the seeker’s Higher Self is blocking that knowledge for whatever reason. I also feel that some tarot readers lack confidence, and are simply reading by rote memory. I’ve written numerous articles about this conflict amongst the tarot reading profession.

  4. I incline to say no, they can’t see timeframes unless it’s specified in the question. There’s nothing in the cards that would really show a timeframe, though some people claim to have a system of some type (either that each suit represents a season, or that certain patterns of cards mean certain timeframes) but, if it really worked, it would be more consistent I think, just like there’s an overall consistence with the card meanings. Psychics sometimes can sense timeframes but also, in comparing notes between people that get readings, it’s the thing which even a good psychic is most likely to get wrong.

  5. Some readers are not very good with time. Time is very tricky with Tarot. If the reader gave you much information that they couldn’t have known without you telling them the information…how else would they have known? Tarot is very real, but learning how to tell time with it is complicated. Also, many readers don’t give time frames to people, but there are pushy people out there that want to know EXACTLY when something is going to happen and it isn’t always that easy, and some readers will tell you the time frame YOU want to hear so they don’t feel they’ve let you down. Always put a time frame in with your question so you know what will happen within that time frame.


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