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Why are so many that ask and answer questions about Magick ("magic") have no knowledge of "Knowing Intent"?

Of course tv shows and movies never mention “knowing intent” and that’s where many apparently get their “knowledge” of the Crafts, Wicca, and Witches,


  1. Most of the people who ask questions about Wicca and the Craft have little to no knowledge of it whatsoever, which is why they’re asking. Normally, these questions are basic easily answered by anyone who has been practicing for at least a month or two.
    Anyone who has an understanding of “knowing intent” has probably been studying for a while, thus they won’t ask questions here.

  2. Ignorance is the mother of all Yahoo Answers questions.
    For the most part, people just like to speak out of their ass about things they know very little about and, like most of the people asking the questions, are too lazy to do any research to expand that knowledge either. lol

  3. Answers supplied are not always relevant to ‘knowing intent’ and may not put over that the writer understands it when they do.
    Actually, from what I’ve experienced, most who actually work with Wicca, Crafts, Witchcraft, etc have actually learned it not through TV, but through teachers/covens of friends, family (if its normal in that family), experience and (especially for those like myself – solitary workers of magic), greatly through books.
    Usually, those who work with any form of magic greatly (whether full-on casting spells or something like Reiki – even at level 1) are aware and understand ‘Knowing Intent’. It is even carried in one of the most commonly agreed with sayings – “Harm none, do what thou will” (or similar). E.G. If someone were to have knowing intent to heal someone , it can work just as well as casting lots of spells. I know this from having worked with Reiki – a form of healing energy.
    After all, if you don’t have knowing intent to do something would you do much at all?
    Also, those asking questions are probably still learning, hence why they are asking questions.

  4. People seriously studying magic are not going to turn to a forum like Y!A for answers most of the time.
    Most of the people here asking about it either know nothing or very little.

  5. They see one aspect in which they perceive as something they like and just want it without taking in anything else. They want to preform all these spells and can care less about Crafts, Wicca and Witches.

  6. I agree. Don’t you get quite tired of repeating the same thing to different people, explaining the complete BASICS of magic to them when they have supposedly been practising for ages? It really does give the people who reject the questions a reason to.

  7. I’ve never used those words, but I always talk about will and learning to direct personal energy. I think that’s pretty much the same thing.
    I’m just sick to death of people answering to tell us that we’re stupid, that witches don’t exist and we need to turn to Jesus.


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