Home Discussion Forum Why are so many people tree hugging hippies.?

Why are so many people tree hugging hippies.?

thelandboy is one for example. Look up his profile.
And no, I don’t mean physically hugging a tree.


  1. What’s wrong with loving trees? They give us shade in the summer, shelter from the wind, they provide homes for birds, squirrels, and insects. They give us the air we breathe and help circulate water into the air.
    And maybe those people have figured out something you haven’t – that without the natural environment (like trees and frogs and other critters) there is no human life.

  2. What’s wrong with hugging trees? God, I love trees…they’re so beautiful, relaxing, calming, peaceful, inspiring, and wise

  3. your right instead of being a tree hugging hippie I just be an Axe murder psycho so which would u rather have more of in this world? ….just kidding btw I love trees…

  4. I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from (Arkansas), I’m one of the few tree huggers.
    Tree hugging for me is more of a appreciative thing to the environment than it is anything else. The Earth gives us a lot of cool stuff, like food, shelter, fuel, etc. The concept of a world where everything we use is renewable is not only cool, but worth paying more to achieve.
    I’m a more practical tree hugger, however. The ones who get violent and think every tree should be left standing I don’t agree with either. The earth’s resources should be borrowed, not stolen.


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