Home Discussion Forum why are so many people closed off to true spirituality?

why are so many people closed off to true spirituality?

Auras, chakras, spirits, the astral world, vibes, and gods or other worldly beings, UFO’s and Astral space craft, secret societies, science, truth etc.


  1. Because except for the words “science” and “truth”, there isn’t any evidence for any of that other stuff.
    BTW, science does not belong in a list of “spirituality”. Neither does “truth”.

  2. I think in large part it’s because we are material beings with 5 senses and what we can’t perceive with those senses is believed not to exist. The only things that are real for us are the things we can see, hear, feel, touch, or taste. Sometimes I’ll go so far as to say that I “have to believe” something even though I can’t sense it. These things fall in the category of strong gut feelings.

  3. because people value words and the validation of others more than their own experiences, emotions, and existence.
    if other people give them the words needed to invalidate what they feel, then they no longer feel it.
    they have blinded themselves in order to be happy in a socially acceptable way.
    truth is often lost to vanity.

  4. Hi LoL.
    True spirituality is love, peace, compassion, truth, wisdom, non-positionality, and universal gentleness to all life including oneself.
    False spirituality is astral seduction, emotionality such as vibes, paranoia such as secret societies, kookiness such as UFOs, and obsessive manipulation of the human energy system through useles chakra and aura exercises.
    Did any of the great teachers of history – Jesus, Krishna or Buddha – talk about auras? No. Then that’s good enough for me.
    Which teachers do you place your trust and the fate of your soul in, LoL? Because the spiritual stuff you believe in determines your destiny, and you really don’t want to go where a belief in the false nonsense you peddle will take you after this physical existence ends.

  5. Because of the religions of Christianity and Islam that were created by the elite to remove all true spiritual knowledge from the populace so that they can be free to keep it for themselves and manipulate the world to their liking.


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