Why are so many Americans so unenlightened, spiritually dead, and bask in negative energies?

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We don’t seem to be very enlightened people. We love to rip each other apart and be nasty. Our spirits are on par with Courtney Love, if not Satan himself, and negativity is what we like. We like chaos, destruction, drugs, self-gratification, hedonism, b*llshit, spending money, being loud and obnoxious, and we love living like we were giong to die tomorrow.
Why are we like this?
Not to say that other cultures aren’t either but, it’s pretty bad.
For example, so many people just LOVE trying to out-wit the next guy, insert sarcastic comments, have NO interest in life, been there, done that, how YOOUUUUUUUU doin, type of attitudes.

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most people haven’t woken up yet.


last summer i was living in NY about to move to Enlgand
and multiple times i got asked if they spoke english over there.
umm like duhhh
but i think its becasue of celebrity influence
e.g. paris hilton


I know it is a crazy world out there allot of people have no values and do not respect others anymore,It is also sad what is happening in public schools these days our youth doesn’t have a chance:(


We have beer and hotdogs, easy ways to get money, and marijuana isn’t legal.
So Americans are a bit off the track. And we’re raised being told USA is the best place on earth.
We can’t even really help it.
We are raised wrong thats all.
Nothing Personal. But Society is fucked.


Sounds like you are basking in negative energies.
Be positive. There is a lot of good happening all around you. Enlightened people are out there. They just avoid certain places. They tend to congregate in enlightened areas.
The times themselves are dark and cause people to see only black. You have to move against the current.

Stephanie T

sounds like u need a vacation. and by the way we ARE all going to die tomorrow look at whats going on in the world all the natural disasters abroad and here in the usa. people cant afford rent and are homeless food is too expensive the police are murdering people we are in recession and its now about survival of the fittest. its a very big mess our generation is stuck with. religion is one big lie after the other preachers get rich members starve priest molest boys, polygamy families are everywhere and glossy eyed people are still praising god
in rags and poverty ignoring reality.


Don’t listen to the two commentors above, they are trying to manipulate your emotions. Basically trying to turn things around to pray on your sense of guilt, and then offer you “advice” – don’t fall for thier bullshit. The problem with people today, as you want to know, is that they have lost hope/faith.


They still think they were kicked out of the garden. They haven’t realized they are the garden. I used to sit in business meetings and have these mystical experiences – flying through the cosmos, watching cells divide… and then someone would abruptly interrupt me, “um, yes, do we have data for that or do we need to ask Pam to pull that report” and I was like, “WHO THE F CARES! You and your tiny little worlds! There is so much more to life than this! How can you waste an incarnation doing what’s already been done before!”


Believe it or not, I’ve found Americans to be more ‘enlightened’ than people in many other cultures. I lived overseas for several years and most people are nicer, more laid back, less serious, but many people in some parts of the world still believe in magic and spirits and bad luck.. vast majorities of populations in some places don’t understand very basic science. Ask them how their cell phone works and they have no clue whatsoever. Even in parts of Europe, big segments of the zone are semi-civilized. It isn’t uncommon to see people casually urinating in the street as if that’s a normal thing to do.
Anyway, I felt the same as you did before, but thankfully, the idiots are for the most part, the minority in the USA. At least here, it’s their own fault and we can mock them for it. They had a chance at free education. Failing that, there’s public libraries. Many people in the world don’t even have that.
At least the ignorant people elsewhere are nice and ignorant rather than crude, disgusting, and idiotic like we often have here. Nothing says USA more than an obese welfare-mother with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth talking on her iphone4 while 6 filthy children from 6 different fathers swarm around her. (actually that’s Britian too. lol )


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