Why are republicans OBSESSING over whether Obama bowed, or Michelle "curtsied" to the QUEEN of England?

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I mean……why the hell SHOULD they? Just WHO is she, anyway?
last time I checked……..inhereited power by BIRTHRIGHT……is actually, only a FIGUREHEAD………we BEAT them in a war over 230 years ago, and told them to piss off…………and our Naval Fleet could sink theirs 5 times over and then some………
so why are we suppose to bow or cortesy at all, to the old hag?
Last time I checked……….AMERICA was the Super Power……….leader of the FREE world………and a DEMOCRATICALLY elected one at that………
so……..why doesn’t the QUEEN respect THAT, and BOW or curtsey to Obama or Michelle?
Are we suppose to respect her WEALTH?
Yeah, nice kid gloves and Tiara…….while your nation is rampant with yobs and hooligans and soaring crimes…….
what are we suppose to be respecting here??????

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It’s called respect. That is their custom. When you go to another land you are supposed to do as they do.


She is the head of state. It’s just polite.
Just because she inherited her title, dosen’t mean she’s not head of state. Once again, it’s part of international politics, which you would know if you weren’t 10.
You won a war 230 years ago. Wow. Does that mean you don’t have to abide by international protocol? We beat you in the war of 1812, does that mean the Queen can slap Obama in the face next time they meet?
What does it matter what you naval fleet could do? If your navy did try and sink the British navy there would be a nuclear war and America would be wiped off the face of the earth, along with everyone else.
How is America the democratically elected leader of the free world? You are only powerful because you held the rest of the world to ransom with war debts after WW2. You’d like to think you are, but your economy is entirely reliant on China buying your products and lending you money.
I think you’ll find that the Queen performed all the necessary diplomatic courtesy.
No, just her position as representative of America’s only friend.
Britain’s standard of living is higher than America’s and the crime rate is a fraction of America’s.
Further evidence that America’s education system is only capable of turning out dribbling retards and neo-fascist propaganda puppets.
Go back to school troll, this is why the rest of the world hates America.
edit: ‘got a lil defensive here’? What if I wrote an inchoherent rant slagging off your country? Wouldn’t you get a little defensive?
I gave back what I got.
edit 2: oh looky here, another neo-fascist redneck. I doubt any of your army could take the UK, our army is the best trained in the world and trains parts of your army. We wouldn’t even need our boy scouts, we’d just sit back and watch while you friendly fired yourselves to death.


Unless I missed something else that happened I think you’re getting two events confused.
1) Michelle Obama touched the Queen of England.
You’re technically not supposed to do that. It’s a protocol/cultural thing. It’d be like if flipping the middle finger was ok in one country it’d be OK to flip the bird to heads of state where it’s considered a rude gesture.
Of course given that the queen touched Michelle Obama first and that she came out later and said it was fine it’s a non-issue.
People may be obsessing over it because it was a breach in protocol and could make the US come across like ignorant hicks. (not saying it did or that others haven’t done worse, just saying maybe that’s why more was made of it than needed to be.)
2) Obama gave a fairly deep bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Well a big deal was made about this for many of the reasons you stated. The US shouldn’t down down to other leaders, it’s actually against protocol for one world leader (any one) to bow down before another because they’re not subjects of that leader, because it was against protocol, there’s that whole ignorant hick thing again, etc.
It of course was made worse by the whole Muslim thing.


you know what is so funny how you and everyone else refers to ” michelle and obama” when saying there name in a sentence, lol
his name is BARACK

jessica p

They Panicked because the first lady touched the queen. You do not touch the queen.
I am an american and as an american I believe we have no right to talk about (almost) any other country. We have enough problems at home to deal with instead of being pissy about some other country’s figurehead. Like you said no real power so no real worry! ( Not what I believe, but If that’s what you believe why worry)
Maybe if people had respect like there was a hundred years ago the world would be in this position.


Well,who would believe it,another loud,mouthy ignorant and arrogant american or is it just another loud mouthy ignorant and arrogant troll
even if the Queen were to be the lowest you would still be able to walk upright underneath her.You have the manners of your ilk,namely,none.You live in a dream world.Isn’t it time for you to go on a shooting spree?There must be one or two unarmed americans that you could gun down.Things are very different from 230 years ago.Go ahead punk,make my day.Give my regards to Borat Obama.
Edit……….Rebel47,what do you mean”could arm the boy scouts” aren’t they already armed?I saw a documentary not too long ago where one of your lard mountain mothers had bought her three year old daughter “a cute little pink pistol”,but hey,bring it on,the only thing you people have won since the Spanish american war,is the invasion of Grenada,those hundred or so,sugar cane wielding Grenadians were no match against the might of the american military.


they curtsied and bowed out of cultural respect. The media is obsessing over it because they cant help but stay in the black president’s ass. the media includes a bunch of cut–throat, disrespectful, racist American thrash!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A true American doesn’t bow down to anyone. We don’t kneel or bow to anyone, never ever. Obama would since he is a Muslim bowing to his masters. Oh and PS there Canadian , the war of 1812 was a joke. We never even got a 1/4 of our troops into Canada. We could take your pissy army with the National Guard of New Jersey alone. Hell we could arm the Boy Scouts and take your country in 3 days tops.

Richard B

I saw the meeting. Both Pres Obama and Mrs Obama did indeed make a short bow to Her Majesty. I don’t even know why the hell this crap should ever be important.

The Shihan

Its nothing to do with republicans. England has protocol that goes back past the time of the conquest. But I guess a hillbilly Democrat wouldn’t understand Royal protocol.

Jas B

Republicans are obsessing over this because they are bitter and twisted because they lost the election.
They have made a stream of stupid and ignorant comments on their new President since before he was elected. From suggesting he is a muslim terrorist to blaming him for the current reccession and even suggesting he is a communist.
This latest rubbish is just more of the same, nobody in the UK cares whether they bowed or curtsied, not all British people do not do so when they meet the Queen, nobody cares whether the First Lady and the Queen put an arm around each other, hugged or even gave each other a massage.
The whole world is in an economic reccession, which could if our leaders do not make the right decisions end up a world depression, That President Obama is a president who seems to be trying along with the other major world economies get us out of this mess is far too complicated, or boring, or will not sell enough papers for the trash media to write about so they hunt around to try and stir up feelings about rubbish.
Judging by your question (rant) it seems to be working, I hardly think it is worth spouting forth a tirade of abuse on the only country who sent troops along with yours into Iraq and while our troops are supporting each other in Afghanistan, when our young men American and British troops are fighting together and dying it hardly seems justified.
To date over 4000 of our young men have died supporting each other, I dread to think how many have been injured.
Incidently worldwide crime statistics show that for murder the US comes in 24th, the UK is 46th. For prisoners in jail the US has 1st place, the UK is 15th. In fact for rapes, robberies and assualts the US has more per capita. Hardly puts you in a position to call British crime rates souring.


This is the type of guy who makes the americans look bad,get some respect and stop been so ignorant and arrogant to other cultures.lol


Our president shouldn’t have to bow to anyone and in fact I don’t think he did bow to the queen but he sure as hell almost bent completely over forward to bow to a Saudi King that is what the uproar is about.And as for Michelle, God only know what that woman will do your guess is as good as mine.I do have to say to call the queen an old hag is really unfair she is elderly and has more class in her little finger then OUR president and his wife could ever have…..


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