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Why are religious history questions so rare?

I almost never see questions about Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Gerald Gardner, the Reformation, Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire, Theosophy, and so on and on……
I am just curious as to why religious history is not of greater interest here.


  1. Because everyone is interested in trying to prove that their “god” exists. They just want to doll out scripture after meaningless scripture instead of having a logical conversation etc. Furthermore, a lot of real (as opposed to religious) history would certainly make people lose their faith and of course they avoid anything that would do that (including history, psychology, biology, evolution, anthropology, etc). Faith seems to be the trump card. And we all know you cant argue with faith. It’s rather exhausting.

  2. Because we have Wikipedia. The questions here are to do with what people think, rather than what can easily be found out. It doesn’t mean we’re not interested in …. hang on, who’s Gerald Gardner? I must look him up.

  3. wowo. never heard of the. ive only heard of st augustines cos its my cosins school. maybeh there not BIG ya know, like Christ.

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