Why are people who live in the suburbs so uppity, and not welcoming?

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Where I come from people know each other, and they bother to talk to you.
I went to my step-dad’s house in the burbs and people were looking at me like I was crazy. I think one old hag threatened to call the cops because I threw a cigarette on the ground.

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Jamalski N

lets jut say they got tooo much to protect so they are always on edge and nervy when an outsider who does not fit in shows up


thats not true.

Snow Globe

Did you act crazy? Did you throw a cigarette on the ground? I’ve lived in the suburbs and people are pretty friendly. Where you live, people know each other. In the suburbs, people know each other. Home-owners have invested a lot in their homes and property, and they think it important not to litter. All areas – rural, urban, and suburban – could be nice, if people cared about keeping it nice. It’s not uppityness, it’s being responsible as a resident of planet Earth and the human community.


i agree with you sometimes they can act like their shit dont stink. huh? its sad there’s just those kind of people out there. dont worry about it be who you are gurl if you want to throw a cig out do da damn thing free country so they say


You must have heard of an ashtray where you live?
Be more considered to others, not everybody enjoys to live in the suburbs just as not everybody likes to live in the pigsty with cigarette butts all over the place. In some places like Singapore you could receive several lashes on your bare bum administered in public place, for the same offense. Perhaps that’s what you secretly crave.
Stop being a slob, they’ll be friendly.

bee bee

You must show respect to get respect.


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