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Why are people so egotistic and stuck on themselves? How do you handle these types?

I never understood why people were like this especially richer people or celebrities. They actually get to the point where they get elitist, and all sorts of things.
How can you handle and feel good around other people who’s aura is just way too narcissistic and belittling, where you feel like you don’t even stand a chance ? lol
why are they like this and how can we handle them?
What deflates them?


  1. there isnt a real awnser.. there willl never be…
    idk but i guess it is just what they find is important to them.

  2. In my opinion, they see how the middle class and below live, and compare the two. This leads them to see how much more they can conceive, and they take that and blow it up.
    It can occasionally be a cover, as well. Some will use their arrogance as a way to hide something.
    I hope that made sense.
    The best way to handle it is by staying away from them, or at least that’s how I manage to keep sane.
    I hate to say it, but perhaps showing them that the way they’re living is making them look worse than they’d like to imagine themselves appearing.

  3. There’s no logical answers to why most poor countries are hit down by typhoon or natural disasters as much as rich countries are more and more provided by social facilities and still the people are not content.
    I guess that these human beings out there who’s suffering from famine and illness,don’t know what we’re having here;
    comodities,games,movies,high fashions,etc.if they know,
    they’d come and attack all these people.It’s like during the French Revolution.
    Think that when ther’re too many poors and only one is very rich,what will happen?where will the rich run to?it has always happened in the past.Until it happen,the egoists would go on
    and on……

  4. the best way to handle these types of people is let them be…don’t let how they treat you effect you. i know it is hard but you need to remember the things that people compliment about you rather than focus on those that just want to tear you down. usually your not paying attention to them deflates them…

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