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Why are people so down on Live Earth?

I’ve heard lots of complainers about it. The fact that Al Gore is promoting it, the fact that the musicians themselves aren’t truly green if they use jets and limos, that it’s more of a waste to make the concerts live than anything.
I’m no fan of Al Gore of course. I thought the muscians were trying to be green themselves. Just because your mode of transportation isn’t green, doesn’t mean you’re not green. People use jets all the time, and musicians can’t? I also thought they were using hybrids and that stuff. All concerts take up lots of energy. At least Live Earth made it green, by promoting efficient lighting, recycling bins (heavily enforced), and lots of greening up the venues.
People also complain that people are just in it for the acts. At least Live Earth is also trying to promote a message throughout the event. It’s going to take time for everybody to be more green, and a little (or big) helps. They gave tons of tips on how to be green easily. Any opinions on this?


  1. It’s a convenient target for global warming deniers. Particularly ones who hate Al Gore so much that they think anything he says must be wrong, no matter how many scientists are saying the same thing.

  2. cynicisim is rampant. john mayer put it on the huffington post and his website ” if you want this to fail, you have a lot of soul searching to do”. all revolutions started with murmers and mild discontent. many raindrops will eventually make a torrent. i will not give up hope or cease to fight the good fight. keep the faith!

  3. Bunch of people who really think global warning is a problem but it’s not and the media is getting obsessed over nothing and have probably been told by scientists there is no problem but they ignore them and enjoy the MONEY and ATTENTION and MORE MONEY.
    All those losers giving me a thumbs down GET A LIFE AND TRY TO BE COOL AND INTELLIGENT try studying it yourself and doing some research like I did. You low life idiots believing anything you hear.

  4. It’s all so hypocritical, isn’t it? This group of “green” musicians have all spent most of their adult lives living in grotesque excess, consuming more resources than anyone. Every couple of years we have to suffer through their vain attempts to cleanse their collective conscience. Hands across America, We are the World, Farm Aid, Live Aid, Live Earth…nothing changes except a short boost to their careers and we’re supposed to care?

  5. Because 75% of the people in America didn’t even care about it as a news story. There are tons of other things going on that are much more important in the world. BTW, what is the optimal temprature of Earth? That’s right no one knows. It is all a scam.

  6. Because people are fed up with getting scammed by environmentalist wack jobs.
    In the 70s and 80s, it was “SAY NO TO NUCLEAR POWER”. Now our country is 60% dependent on coal energy because a nuclear power plant has not been built for 30 years.
    Now all you year is “SAY NO TO COAL POWER” because coal releases Co2.
    These poeple are in it for the power. They are not scientists and have done nothing to help the environment, they only restrict reseach and development that would have created a more efficient power system.

  7. the reason behind live earth is a farce, which makes live earth a farce. when you have scientists in consensus that should be a big alarm for you. in science you have facts, theories,the unknown,hypotheses, but not consensus.so until science has fact, and they are proven you have a hard sell to get global warming to go over with reasonable people.

  8. Look at Madonna 9 homes, private jet, a fleet of cars and a carbon footprint over the last year of more than 1000 tons.
    And all of the Global Warming religionists say that this is not hypocritical….what a joke….I used an online calculator to figure my carbon footprint and came up with a whopping 16 tons a year. And I drive a compact car, never fly and rarely travel more than 40 miles from home. So let’s see she uses produces about 62.5 times what I do. Don’t be an abuser and then preach to me!!!!
    So who is the bigger polluter, it sure as hell is not me. So all you namby pamby Al Gore worshippers can eat me…


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