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Why are people so desperate to avoid walking?

I love and crave walking. It’s fun and relaxing. And why not? Burn some calories, hugs some trees, save some money. I don’t like driving anyway and I only drive when it’s necessary. The rest of the time I just walk, ride my bike or have my friends or family drive me. My campus doesn’t even allow that much parking anyway.


  1. I love to walk.
    I do it every day on the beach.
    It is fun and relaxing. I burn lots of calories and save lots of green.
    More people should get around on foot.
    The problem with people being obese and traffic getting worse all ties to people driving their own cars and walking less.
    It doesn’t get cold here in Florida like it does up North so I can walk any month of the year.

  2. People don’t have the time to walk. Too busy. Some people might have health problems. Knee and hip problems are disastrous.

  3. I have no idea. I love walking too. I also don’t know how to drive.
    But since I live in a city, and have access to 24-hour public transportation, I don’t Need to drive.
    I walk wherever I need, or want to go, and then, if I’m tired, or it’s a far distance, I take a train, or a bus.
    Walking gives you time for yourself. It allows you to free your mind, let it wander. Give a seed of imagination some time and room to grow.

  4. why do they avoid walking? drunk drivers, teen drivers, elderly drivers (78 million baby boomers now on the road, all medicated up) and since our population has hit an all time high of 300 million… the roads are jam packed most of the time. muggers, rapists and just plain weirdos.
    walking is great, i do it on the side roads, but i can see why some dont. i guess it depends upon the area in which someone wants to walk.
    would you walk in NYC Cental park after dinner? 😉

  5. In a country where every possible luxury, convenience and excess is thrust at us every day via advertising, it’s difficult not to feel entitled to it; we deserve to be able to drive our gas guzzling Hummer if we want to, and why not, the auto industry says that it’s not that they couldn’t make more fuel efficient cars or research more sustainable fuel resources, it’s that Americans don’t really want it. Mass transit is still underdeveloped and underutilized in most parts of the country, and in many cases is unreasonably inconvenient.
    Don’t get me wrong, walking is great, and I try to make it a point to walk whenever I can. But in addition to being a country that thrives on excess (sadly so), we’re also a country that’s always in a damn hurry to get anywhere. If it’s not instant gratification, it’s too slow, too long, too much effort, etc. Our big word is “now”, and sometimes, every so often, we add a “please” to the end of it.
    It pains me to think that we might actually have to have a major oil crisis, or a major global-warming inspired disaster in order for us to really get that our lifestyles are killing us, but I’m also fearful that we might be in too much of a hurry to get the message.


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