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Why are people so afraid of Eckhart Tolle and Oprah?

I just posted an innocent Q about Tolle and Oprah’s online class of his book, A New Earth, and it was reported and promptly removed.
Why doesn’t the person who did that,read the book and see for him or herself? They are acting from fear and ignorance, and what someone has brainwashed them to believe. Don’t worry, if you read the book, the devil will not inhabit your brain.
CosmicCoyote, you are going to get this one deleted too!
I am laughing at this. How seriously and voraciously people cling to their concepts and teachings. Not sad, funny. Very funny. LMAO!
I remember being told from a very early age that when people start believing the same thing, unifying, coming together, it will be the end of times. I see the opposite happening. There is nothing to fear people, except fear itself.
Tamara S~ I agree. Never laugh at, only with. Remember, we are talking about those who are reporting innocent Q’s that just don’t jive with their current belief system. Laughter, I feel, is an appropriate response to that.


  1. off topic, i wish oprah would come out of the closet already.
    it certainly could help the rest of us. look at the wonders her endorsement worked for barack.

  2. I’ve had questions removed, too. It’s all part of the Y/A game.
    I’m not interested in the book, the class, etc, because it is more junk along the lines of Deepak Chopra.
    Sorry, I stick to my own methods.

  3. They are hanging on to their old worn out concepts with a death grip. They are to far gone, closed to truth. Their bodies will rot in the ground and the worms will feast on their flesh, they will become a home for maggots and the bird of Paradise will peck there dead eyes from the sockets. {you don’t think I was to rough on them do you?}

  4. I may well get this one deleted too, but it won’t be the first time.
    Truth is offensive to fundamentalists!
    Their emotional investment in forms of words, rather than any deeper personal revelation, means that they must cling to those words for their very survival.
    Truth will rip your mind open – and they dare not face that.

  5. I’m not afraid of Oprah, and I’d face off with Eckhart Tolle on just about any subject — if I don’t know the answer, I know how to fake my way out of it, at the very least.

  6. People are not afraid of the persons you mentioned, the simply have a disdain for media talk show hosts profiteering from the current market trends towards Spirituality.
    At a time the media expends much energy destroying the good names of preachers and pastors with the aid and abetting of trolls and whores, respectability frowns upon the same said media according such opportunities of pastoral tutelage to its ordinate but famed and acclaimed payroll persons, actresses, singer or talk show personalities..
    Upon the carnage of good godly clergymen, there is a refusal to endorse aspirants of fame and glory an extra cherry upon their already lucrative careers. Ditto Hilary Clinton running for president. The Clinton’s failed abjectly in their last role in office and the public do not see how Americas fortunes can be changed by re-electing Clinton, or The insipid and mediocre Obama. You of course know this.

  7. Inner Peace, I have been wondering the same question.
    I have answered questions like…”Christians do you know that New Age is creeping into your churches?” (not exactly verbatim, but real, real close)
    The fear is so thick.
    Becoming more aware…I can see the negative impact religion has had on people’s lives.
    If they read that book, they could not deny, that they find themselves all through the book.
    Inner Peace, YOU got reported?!!
    I dont hang out with “bad” kids…ha ha ha ha
    Just kidding…proud of you…turning into a real renegade.
    Love Ya darling…Angi

  8. You know, I’d like to laugh with you for a bit…
    (Or as I like to say, “R on the F, L my A O!”)
    Gosh, I love a good laugh in the morning!
    In the past, I would also have said that people’s fear is “sad.” But, you’re right, it’s just funny! If only they realized WHY we laugh… they’d be laughing too!
    Why can’t we all just laugh together and have a good time! Come on people! Take some friggin chill-pillz! (hehe)
    But… and I mean a big fat BUT (no pun intended! lol)…
    Sometimes I question the reason for people’s so-called “fear.” I mean… if All is enlightenment… then either there is reason for there to be those in our lives that are still “close-minded” and “fear-full,” or maybe we are the one’s perpetuating it further…
    I saw a commercial the other day about “cancer awareness.” The lady on the commercial said, “By supporting our cause, you help raise the awareness of cancer.” Do we really WANT to RAISE the awareness of cancer?
    To me, it seems that raising the awareness of something such as cancer is, in itself, a way to perpetuate fear.
    Now I know, I know… I’m so going to get “flamed” by people (in their minds) saying that “just not thinking about cancer isn’t going to make cancer go away.” And this is true….
    But, instead of raising awareness of cancer — something that is a pretty widely-accepted KNOWN malady — shouldn’t we be raising the awareness of Good Health (of mind, body, and spirit) instead?
    Maybe it’s just me… but I believe that our focus, at times, is the root of many of our issues. Humans seem to have a thing with focusing more on the negative than the positive… BUT, then again, maybe that’s just my error in focus… you know?
    Hence, why as I said above… We should all just laugh together and have a good time! Because when more and more people start having a good time, it becomes like a “cancer” and spreads like wildfire. Then, sooner or later, the focus of many will be, “Hey, they’re all having a good time… what am I missing?”
    What do you think? Let the good times roll? =D

  9. Who cares why? They are where they need to be. Laugh at the situation but not to belittle the people. They are just like we were, when we were at that awareness and we may be there again one day. So, laugh with kindness and humble gratitude for the gift of awareness you are.

  10. Just because we are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get us, they are you know, it has to do with what they keep putting in the water! If we don’t live in constant fear, well we might have a good time, and you know where that can lead don’t you… we could break out in WORLD PEACE, and then where would we be?


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